Questing, Questing, and yes, level 80

Hamal and I worked hard yesterday, leveling the swashbuckler to 80. The experience seemed to crawl by, but eventually we got there.

Once I dinged I was able to put on my T2 shard gear, as well as the earring from yesterdays post and a few other bits and pieces that I’d picked up. We quested in Jarsath Wastes, a little in Moors, and ran instances in Everfrost, Commonlands, and did Crypt of Agony in Sebilis.

I made a set of 42 tailored gear for a guild mate, and then also made 100 potions for another. They were the special potions that require 40k faction with Mara, at 5 potions each combine it took a little time. I love to help out where I can.

Earlier on in the afternoon Hamal and I decided to help out with a Deathtoll raid. The person running it didn’t have access, nor did he have the flame marked shield required to get past the first barrier, so I logged in my warden who had access. The swashbuckler gained a few aa, and while the entire zone was quite messy because it was green and people were just doing whatever they felt like it was still fun. Tarinax who was once such a formidable foe fell within 8 seconds or so.

I’d love to work on Claymore on a character or two and go back and do Deathtoll again some time. I loved the quest chain when everyone was working on it. Mark of the Awakened was another fantastic quest. That, combined with the Soulfire chain, and Godking, are high on my list of things to finish off on various characters. A few have completed these, but not everyone.

In the mean time the little guild of Dragons Flight is coming along. We hit level 13 yesterday and should easily hit 15 today. My goal is to reach level 30 by December, which shouldn’t be too difficult especially once auto mentoring is live and we can run the Courts raid from Desert of Flames. The names within that zone all grant a lot of achievement experience and guild status.

Excited about it? Yes I am!

I’ve been enjoying myself on the Oasis server. It’s quite a bit smaller then the majority of servers out there, but the community is (for the most part) friendly and supportive and there are always groups going on. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the smallest servers (on par with Lucan D’Lere) but there are benefits to that (lack of lag, people farming). I love mentoring down and helping out those leveling up, and it’s refreshing not to see a plethora of insults being hurled through channels 24/7.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday gaming, no matter where it finds you!

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