Are you a Compulsive Skill Worker?

In order to continue working on my swashbuckler epic, I had to get my foresting to 300 (out of 400). This is only one of many skills that characters are granted in EQ2 – and unlike most of the other skills, you can’t work harvesting skills up on a training dummy in your guild hall (wouldn’t that be nice).

Are you one of those people who compulsively levels up all of their skills every time the cap is raised? Or do you wait until you’ve hit the end level and work them all up there? Do you work up your swimming and alcohol tolerance right along with your piercing and harvesting skills? I really wish I were that sort of person and I think at one point in time I may have been, but working up skills takes a lot of time, and as I’m leveling up I just let them rise naturally. Sadly, your harvesting doesn’t really get a work out in later levels, though from 1-20 there are a good number of beginner quests that require harvesting and you can at least raise them to 20 (which is required to harvest T2).

It took a few hours but I finally managed to raise foresting to 300, which means I can continue on the quest.

It seems that luck was actually on my side last night! I needed better weapons, badly. I’m working on the epic, but my weapons in the mean time are quite poor. I headed to Crypt of Agony in Sebilis with the hopes that MAYBE for the first time ever I would see the Cardiocutter drop from the final named. I’ve attempted to get this weapon so many times in the past. For both the dirge and the troubador. All through the Ruins of Kunark era as well as most of TSO. It wasn’t a matter of just never winning it, I’ve never seen it drop in all my runs.

Yesterday, it dropped. My swashbuckler is one happy little scout.

The hot zone changed to Mistmyr Manor last night, and bards were out in full force attempting to win their drums. There was some drama on the 70-79 channels about a 75 illusionist winning over a dirge (not me!) but honestly I don’t see the point of bringing that into public channels. If you don’t expect people to roll on loot in a group either don’t bring them along, or make sure the rules are stated from the outset. You can’t decide once the zone is over how things are going to be distributed, once people have lock out timers. It’s just a piece of gear, there’s no need to get other people involved in the dispute on a public channel. While I don’t know any of the people involved with this particular incident, it was also none of my business.

It’s Friday! I hope everyone has a fantastic day no matter where you find yourself. I should be finishing up the swashbuckler epic this weekend, next weekend is going to be a mythical run and I should be adding two more to the two I already have. Looking forward to it!

See you in Norrath!

3 Responses to Are you a Compulsive Skill Worker?

  1. Ferrel says:

    Congratulations on the new weapon! I am a minimalist and only work the skills that have to be worked. I think most of my harvest skills are maxed out though.

  2. Rob says:

    Grats on the Cardiocutter! I always start out in compulsive mode in EQ2, but as I start leveling I end up letting go of the need to cap skills. Call me sick, but whenever I start a new character I always go through the Queens Colony tutorial area to completion. All the quests, including the collections, and every skill I have, 100% maxed out. Dunno why, but that’s just my routine.

  3. Lishian says:

    Yup.. my toon is level a 74 brig and 80 weaponsmith and all of my harvesting skills are up to 400 except for fishing. I think I have that around 360. I like to be able to max harvesting for the next tier in attempt to get the rares in need before my adventuring level reaches the next tier.

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