Why I’m Not Playing Aion

Yesterday was amusing to say the least. I watched a number of very angry gamers vent their frustrations about the queue lines of Aion, on twitter, their blogs, forums. It was everywhere. I can’t really blame them. I know the excitement of having a new game release and the eager feeling you get when you JUST WANT TO LOG IN, and WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LOG IN! New games are fun. They’re exciting. They’re something new.

I played the Aion beta through all of its stages and I really enjoyed the game. I wrote about it a few times and talked about it with friends. I didn’t really have anything negative to say about it – but I’ve decided that I won’t be playing it.

Why not?

I have a few reasons for this. Number one would have to be that I’m not unhappy with any of my current MMO choices. I have fun in all of the games I play, I’m not unsatisfied, there’s no lure for me to go play something else because I’m perfectly content. I have a good selection to choose from and in the off chance that I DO want something else to play – I want something ELSE, and Aion doesn’t give you something else, it gives you what is already out there and wraps it in a different package. Between EVE (yes, I’ve started up a 21 day trial of that again in the hopes I will actually get some where this time), DDO, Wizard 101,  EQ, EQ2, VG, Free Realms, the occasional WoW,  Champions, WAR, and a few other games that I play for work my MMO plate is already bursting with games that I really enjoy.

The other reason I’m not playing Aion is the cost. While I’m certainly interested in the game I know it’s not something that would hold my attention long term and I don’t want to spend $60 cnd. to try a game for a month. Especially for a digital version of the game.

It feels a little odd to watch everyone get excited and read their blogs and not really be a part of that but I’m happy for the opportunity to watch everyone and see how they react. Are you playing Aion? Enjoying it? Think you’ll stick with it long term?

If you’re not playing Aion, what are your reasons? Please feel free to comment below!

In the mean time, I’ll just keep playing the games I own and watch from afar. Happy gaming no matter where it finds you!

11 Responses to Why I’m Not Playing Aion

  1. Reaktorblock says:

    Not Playing, and wont be playing. This has three reasons:

    1. As it has been said before: not really new, just shiny.
    2. Great Grfx? Yes maybe. But if great looks means pedo-style girls with super boobs and miniskirts… count me out. I am from europe and fairly liberal. But thats not my style.
    3. Very simple: its from NCSodt. They build games, then shut them down. They have done it with auto aussault & tabula rasa. Both games which really where new and innovative.

  2. Kinya says:

    I’m not playing Aion, simply because I am not bored by EQ2. I have no idea how this happen, but this is the only MMO I play since few years and I like it as it is. Maybe at some point later in the future I will try Aion, but I tried as well Warhammer and didn’t like it. Looks like I am EQ2 addict :)

  3. Rob says:

    I’m playing Aion because, after a 5 month hiatus from all things MMO, I was ready to get back into them and the Aion launch just so happened to coincide with this change in my mood. It is the new shiny, and while I know it offers nothing new, I am a fan of this genre of game and so I feel like it is worth the cost of the game to get a chance to at least try it out. What can I say? I am enjoying it. I am still not sure how long term it will be for me, but I have really enjoyed the last couple of days. Whats funny is that I am a lot more of a PvE guy than a PvP guy. That probably spells doom for Aion long term, but who knows. I just want to give it an honest shake. If interest fades, I am always $15 away from Eq2. :)

  4. Pete S says:

    Not playing. I played the beta some, and I’ll probably give it a spin at some point, but I’ve got more than enough on my gaming plate right now. I figure if I give it a few months, I’ll get the client for $10 or $15 somewhere and then give it a go.

  5. I’m playing Aion simply because I have once again become bored with EQ2, and the game is fun so far. Long term? I’m not really sure on this one. I am looking forward to FF14 and maybe TOR, but for now, it will give me the PvP need I crave.

  6. I’m playing Aion because I bought it to get into beta so I may as well :) None of my old EQ2 guild seem that thrilled by it even though they are trying it. The queues really get me though and reminds me of WAR this time last year. I’m not stressing it this time though and will just log in when I can.

  7. JellyBean says:

    Well its another grind and fetch more of these wings, legs, meat, or . While it looks nice I am just not going to grab another MMO because its new to run into the same feeling of WTF did I just do for the last 3-6 months (or less). If it turns out I am wrong so be it I will jump in later.

    I am looking forward to Global Agenda or something different to play for awhile.

    Will stick to the PS3 and the occasional WOW. I may just switch over to some free to plays to see what that’s like.

  8. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I think Aion is a pretty good game so far, but I would agree that it doesn’t offer something different. I will play for at least the free month, but I can’t say for sure if I would stay after that.

  9. Wonderwyrm says:

    I also wont be playing, because honestly all aion is, is wow with korean graphics, its the same old thing. If I wanted to play wow, thats what I would play, so whats the point? Even Keen is nerd raging cause he cant get in. But thats just karma for pooping on champions online.

    Did I mention I love champions online, awesome game!!

  10. Bryan says:

    I played the Aion beta too. It’s a nice game and all of that, but like you said, offers nothing different. I think the biggest thing for me to get over was the style of aesthetics. I don’t like Korean games where all the men look like male super models and the combat feels like Final Fantasy. It’s just not for me. I’m ready for a new MMO too. I’ve started playing WAR again, but EQ2 is what I always go back to. I don’t see myself playing any of the new MMO’s, and that makes me sad.

    You’re right that it’s weird to see everyone talking about AION. I follow Ratwarlock and he made about 5 posts about AION yesterday. Personally I don’t see what the fuss is all about. I think you speak for a larger majority than you think, not everyone is playing AION, and I guarantee there won’t be many playing it after a month or two.

  11. Ardwulf says:

    Me, I’m not playing Aion because (and this is my toned-down statement,) I didn’t think it delivered on the promise of the same old stuff, done better. I expect it’ll do well initially, but I shan’t be participating, and everyone will lose interest in 3 or 6 months anyway when the next flavor of the month comes along.

    I think you do it the right way – you have a small number of games you stick with.

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