The Waiting Game – How do you Play?

It’s game update time! The day we have anticipated for MONTHS now, eagerly, on the edge of our chairs while we drool over lists of updates and changes. Excited? Yes, yes I am. So how do you spend the time waiting to get in game for those who may be around this time of day on a regular basis. Do you wander off and play another game for the duration? Do you get those chores done that simply are not going to take care of themselves? Or perhaps you spam your friends on twitter with random facts, until you risk getting banned.

Whatever you do the waiting is the most difficult part. I want to see the changes! I want to explore achievements, the new shard of love zone, the new heirloom tag, house items, and so many other goodies coming in this update.

Before the servers went down this morning I was busy completing a handful of level 1-10 quests in The Caves and Oakmyst forest on my templar. See, she was 20 quests away from the “1,000 quests completed” mark, and for some reason I decided I just HAD TO GET IT DONE before the servers went down. I did, it was great. Calreth was there listening to me shout out my progress as the minutes ticked.

I also managed to get my mystic a pair of T4 set gloves last night from Palace of the Ancient One. Not exciting, but it was a huge upgrade from her T2 gloves, so I was happy.

Aside from that, I am just waiting for the remaining 2 1/2 hours until servers (fingers crossed) are back up! I’m spending my time chattering on twitter, blogging, writing the occasional article for work, and of course knitting. It’s dark and raining and cloudy out – in other words an absolutely perfect day.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself – and hopefully I will see you in Norrath soon(tm)!

4 Responses to The Waiting Game – How do you Play?

  1. Stargrace says:

    They nerfed avatar gear Laz, though it’s fairly common for them to nerf before an expansion comes out so that people are on a lower playing field (and a little more even with those who are not avatar raiders) this one was (as far as I have heard) pretty sever, making some older tier gear better, and gear from zones that have no business being compared to avatar loot. Since I don’t raid avatars myself, this is just what I’ve heard.

  2. Lazaretto says:


    What is your issue with the GU? Not sure I’m following you. Did they do something no nerf avatar gear?

  3. Lysari says:

    I spend my waiting time at work. Eagerly pouring over the patch notes in my downtime at work and otherwise going from one game website to another trying to find people’s impressions. Then being incredibly jealous that lots of people are already in-game and I’ve got at least another five hours before I can check it out for myself. But at least I usually miss the “servers are up! servers are down! servers are up!” madness that sometimes happens on patch day.

    I can not wait to play with these changes. I’m thrilled by this update.

  4. Hardcore Raider says:

    I canceled my account in the down time. The remainder of my sub will be spent slamming SOE employees for this GU. I am giving them 27 days to fix this disaster of a GU (Avatar Gear), or they will never see another cent from me.

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