How did you spend your time after the patch?

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity and I had no idea where to start. I decided the Shard of Love was something I had to rush out and see, so access was acquired for that first. My little templar didn’t fair so well with the berserker duo she was with at the time, but later on in the evening I completed access on the warden and went back with a shadowknight and assassin. The story behind the zone was amazing, and I had a lot of fun getting a handful of housing items. Well, more like two handfuls. The wings didn’t drop, but a lot of other really nice things including a chair with a ‘sit’ option that made me crack up laughing because no matter how many times you select it, you will get the message “you don’t really feel like sitting down” that flashes across the screen. Dang, so close!

I didn’t get a chance to try out the chronomagic feature, but I did have a lot of fun looking at the new achievements. A little confusion in channels about alternate advancement (formerly achievements, now aa) and the new achievement system. I’m sure it will catch on in time, especially for those of us who remember EQ Live.

As you can see above, my mystic does not have a lot of achievements. She was never really a quest character, and there’s a lot I haven’t done on her. Hopefully I can change that, and I’m excited about having something to work on. The appearance gear from completing them is pretty neat. I thought I remembered there being more then 488 on test, but I may have been mistaken. I’m sure more will be added with time.

Last night was a raid night, and we were off to Tomb of the Mad Crusader, where my mystic managed to grab herself T4 bracers as well as boots. That brings her to four set pieces, which I’m happy about. After we’d cleared Tombs we headed off to the new x4 raid zone in Everforst, Miragul’s Planar Shard (I believe that’s the name, I may be off this morning). The zone looks almost exactly like Crucible, x4. The gear was not especially exciting, but we did get discovery on a bit or two. Always nice.

Today servers are down with the patch to fix the patch (as usual) and hopefully when they come back up I’ll be working on the Shard of Love access for the mystic, as well as a few other things. Claymore is fairly high on the list of items I want to obtain, which requires a lot of questing. As long as it’s not RoK questing I seem to be doing fairly well.

What about everyone else, how did you spend your time in game once the servers were up? Get to explore anything exciting? I haven’t checked out any new house items yet or even peeked to see where that extra room is in my 5-room homes, but I did find it in my 1-room homes. I had to remove a wall so I could find it in fact, lol.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

9 Responses to How did you spend your time after the patch?

  1. Lishian says:

    Screenshots of the new appearance gear from achievements?

  2. Ferrel says:


    Hmm, well in classic and DoF we obviously didn’t have AA. So no luck there. I maxed out pretty quickly in KoS so that could be it. I’m not bent out of shape about it though. They’re mostly just fluff for now!

  3. Bryan says:

    I spent my time trying to log in, but couldn’t all night. Get on this morning to play some of the content and get a group for Shard of Love…talk about a disappointment. Not to mention the bug that would not let us through the chapel doors; the loot was horrible, rotten fruit as house items and wands to make your pets look different. The whole zone is full of fluff. It feels like Station Marketplace: The Zone. Very uneventful. Then, if you do the world event, that’s mostly just recycled stuff stuff from a year ago during the events to lead up to the void stuff. So far, this patch has been a horrible experience for me.

    The racial changes were really unnecessary. Taking away some of the traditional things like bash from ogres/barbs/trolls was uncalled for. The achievement system is a nice addition, but really… only the few people who want every achievement are going to care about it a month from now. Maybe it’d be more exciting if we could do something with those points, but they’re more or less bragging rights for now. The self mentoring thing is kind of “meh”. It’ll be handy, but you would get aa from doing grey quests anyway. I’d rather mentor someone and get the xp bonuses. I guess this could be handy for those on the less populated servers and can’t find groups. Again, will you care about it a month from now?

    To me, it seems like SOE should be focusing on server stability, class and race balance, and anything else that could improve the game before even thinking about fluff stuff. Just my opinion. I’m not even a raider or whatever, just a casual player, just think the fluff should be attained from the traditional methods: crafting, station cash, etc.

  4. Hardcore Raider says:

    Comforting fellow hardcore raiders who logged in to find all their avatar gear stripped down to nothingness.

  5. stargrace says:

    @Ferrel – if you had max aa, or you were around before aa went in, they won’t show up as there was no way to record them at the time. Killing them again is the only way I know of that’ll make it show up.

    @Lucanite the points are not currently used for anything, consider them bragging rights. Achievements themselves reward some titles and appearance gear depending on the achievement (you can click on them in the list and see whether or not they have a reward, and what that reward is).

  6. Ferrel says:

    I was excited by all the changes that were in game. After spending a lot of time exploring them I pretty much just went and did experience! Perhaps tonight I will go after the Love instance.

    I will also note that I am extremely confused by achievements. Not because I don’t understand them but because the ones I have make no sense. I have killed every raid mob from classic through KoS. My achievements don’t reflect that. Some that I am missing are almost silly. You didn’t kill x mob required for y item. I look at the achievement then I look at y item. If I didn’t kill him how did I get this quest item! I’m sure they’ll sort that out eventually though ^_^

  7. d.g. says:

    Shard of Love … twice. And lots of repeatable Spire quests. I just love appearance items, and how awesome are teleport pads for your HOUSE?!

  8. Lucanite says:

    Were do you spend them and what do you get for your achievement points ??

  9. Mythokia says:

    I spent most of the day doing manual labour under the burning day. Wish it could have been the Shard of Love, but oh well.

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