What’s the neatest item you’ve seen so far?

We love shiny games and we love new games, but what’s almost as good is when a new pretty makes its way into our current games. Has there been a particular update in your MMO of choice that brought forth a new item that you simply HAD to have? Whether it was a new piece of gear, a quest item, or some other interesting tidbit, games are constantly trying to push forth new things onto their players.

With GU53 came a new live event once again involving the spires of Norrath. They are in various stages of completion (once again) and our friendly token merchants are back – newer and more improved. There are three repeatable quests available, and each quest will reward a number of tokens.

Pictured above is one of the best items I have ever seen in EQ2 to date, of course that is coming from a player who will easily shell out 50p-150p on house items and not blink an eye.

The house item is called ‘magic mouth’ and it acts as a bulletin board where you can write a message on it. When this board is placed in your house and another player walks past it, the message that you’ve added will be used in a /shout in your house zone.


I can think of so much potential for these things. You could propose to your loved one while they spy around your house. You could hold a scavenger hunt using messages from these boards, you could (which is what I’ll use them as) describe what the player is viewing as they stand in front of it.

I have wanted an item like that for quite some time, though I don’t need it to shout I do like the idea of people who are visiting my museum to be able to actually read what it is they’re looking at. This has been a long time project of mine, and it’s still on the go (of course). So today I’ve been working on the live event, stocking up these tokens to spend. The magic mouth is quite expensive, and I’m not sure how many I’ll need. There are a LOT of other items on the merchants including all of the ‘no graphic’ gear that we saw when the void creatures were roaming Norrath and had a merchant for that.

Yesterday I spent most of the evening working on achievements. I did some exploring, worked on some old raids, and generally relaxed. There was a WoE raid going on that I do need to complete some time (I need the earring for this weeks raids) but it was a night off from raids and I didn’t want to spend it mucking about WoE.

I also headed back to the shard of love with guild mates, no wings (again) but it was a fast run and I finished off the Love’s Champion achievement and gained that new title. I have heard a lot of people complain about the fact that the zone only rewards appearance and ‘fluff’ items, but I enjoy this aspect, there are so many achievements and collection quests within the zone that it makes it worth while for me. I don’t think it will be something I want to do over and over again, but it does provide a nice distraction.

Happy Friday to everyone, I hope it’s amazing.

I’ll see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to What’s the neatest item you’ve seen so far?

  1. Paken says:

    Heya Star,

    PEOPLE….. SUGGEST THAT YOU ALL WORK ON THE SPIRE LIVE EVENT….. Once it is gone then it is gone. So far no one knows what will happen once completion is completed. The last time we had the spires, a DRAGON burst out and attacked everyone. That was pretty cool….. I wonder what will happen this time? Some outerspace monster???

    Anyway, I have been just working on the Spires with my Illy (WinterHaven). I have done a total of 50 quests (5 Crafting, 15Adventure and 30Collection) in the Zek Spires and have a full set of that awesome looking GOLD ARMOR with cloak, A male and female Spire Manniquin, A very super bright glowing spire and 2 spire Taperies. And it did not take me long to do that. Now that I know what the MOUTH is for, I will get one for my houses and guild hall. I plan on doing 150 more times and do 50 each x 3 level 80 Alts…..
    So far the spires seem to be showing various changing % of completion but on the lore channel we all figured it was for showing a different stage of whatever part it was showing.
    Anyway once I am done with the live event, I will then start on the Chrono mission quest and line them up with the achievements that I have not completed so that would be killing 2 birds with one stone. Yah I am kind of lazy in that reqard.
    I have not gone into the 2 new zones but will eventually get thier.
    Other then that I am having a blast with this update and can only wonder what the next LU holds….

    See yah later Najena Peeps !!!

  2. d.g. says:

    I bought the house teleport pads yesterday, and some appearance items, but I haven’t gotten a Magic Mouth yet. I plan to do that today … what an awesome concept!

    I have been through the Shard of Love three times, and I LOVE IT. I think it’s a blast to be able to get a small group of guildies together to run a zone for no other reason than to have FUN.

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