Where’s the red pool?!

This weekend was pretty intense. In fact it was so intense I didn’t take any screen shots, and I didn’t post on my blog at all. I’ve got a large handful of RL going on between family friends and work, but still managed to get a lot of gaming in over the weekend (knowing that the next two weeks I won’t be able to do that much).

The servers had a 40% bonus to experience, alternative advancement (formally achievement), and crafting – and while I would have loved to have gotten some crafting done it simply wasn’t in the plans.

I did manage to level my little Willamina (ranger) from 1-67 and I’ll have some roleplay posts about that later this week (or possibly next, I have deadlines coming up and things are a little hectic) and I also decided to turn aa experience on my little level 15 bruiser and reached 28 with her, which was fantastic.

I ran shard of love a few times, did a lot of instances, and everything was generally a blur. It was great. You know those happy gaming phases where you’re not concerned with anything else (for once).

Yesterday was also my first ‘official’ TSO raid run, as a recruit of Paradise Lost.

Let me tell you, TSO raids are *stressful* and basically as a healer you’re only ever doing one of a few things (because that’s all you have time to do). You’re either casting cures (which you do a LOT in TSO raids), not casting, or healing. We headed to Tomb of the Mad Crusader first, which I have been to quiet a few times now and have no issues healing in – oh except that I was experiencing (as were a few others) INSANE amounts of lag. The game may as well have been performing as a slide show. Now, I realize I don’t have a top of the line computer, but I rarely have as many issues with any other game as I do with EQ2 even playing on the lowest settings. I know I could improve my heals 100x if I could simply play the game properly without the handfuls of lag.

Once ToTMC was down it was time to head to Zerrakon, which I had never fought before. The encounter is pretty straight forward. There are two pools and a lot of debuffs and when you get hit with purple or red vision (which is more like black and the floor poofs with my settings) you have to run into one of the two pools or you wipe the raid. Not only do you wipe the raid but it calls out who has wiped the raid so everyone can laugh at you.

Of course, being my first time there it was me who wiped the raid. Lagging off the side of the red pool I fell to my death below instead of curing myself. Woopsie.

There are also annoying adds that spawn, per group, and you have to take them down or your group is unable to do anything with Zerrakon or anything at all outside of your own group. Very frustrating. Eventually we finished that raid (we do have a lot of recruits currently and things are a little wobbly) and headed off to Palace of the Ancient one, which I had only been to before once and that was on my troubador.

Palace is another raid zone where you’re constantly curing, and when you’re not doing that you’re healing and watching for debuffs where you’re not supposed to cure or you’re supposed to run through a portal or click on an item. These raids are VERY tedious and not fun what so ever. I don’t even get to watch anything going on because I’m constantly watching my group to cure and act on my detrimental window. The raids are nothing like the ‘fun’ raids of EoF or RoK.

I ended up getting two pieces of gear by the end of the night, my shoulders and my helm. That means my mystic is now wearing 5 pieces of T4 gear, critical mitigation went up a huge amount. My jewelery still absolutely sucks but that’s something that will come with time. She also has all of her master spells now, which I’m happy about.

This is the first time I’ve ever played a mystic on raids. The first time I’ve ever experienced TSO raids, and I’m fairly under geared since I also never did RoK raids with the character. Hopefully it will only take a time or two before I get used to it and start remembering the encounters and what I do on each of them.

What did everyone else spend their weekends doing? Anything exciting? I want to hear below!

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

4 Responses to Where’s the red pool?!

  1. Paken says:

    Grtz Star,

    Sounds like you had fun,

    Well I was still mainly doing the world spires event so I just finished my 101 quest when this lvl 84 Herioc Triple attacked me and toasted the poor Coercer that just happened to be in the area. Well we both decided that we would group up and have vengence. Well we won the battle but the poor coercer died but the might Illy finished him off. Reward was a treasure chest with 20 tokens in it.
    Oh yah….. The spire just dinged to 30% when this happened.
    On the LORE channel, they said a x2 would pop at 60% and were predicting a x4 mob for 90% or completition.
    Currently the Najena Zek Spire was at 39% when I went to bed last night.
    Over to your Najana !!!

  2. d.g. says:

    Grats to you!

    My main is a Warden. I used to raid, but nowdays, other than the occasional WoE, I just don’t feel like dealing with the stress anymore, gah.

    The most exciting thing for me this weekend had to do with the bonus xp … my guild leader and I are leveling alts (Troub for me and Illy for him) and we found a tank who was leveling a friend and he ran us through ALL of the PoF and SS instances, as well as MoM and CoI. When all was said and done, I had 22 unassigned AAs. I was in shock! I am now level 55 with 81 AA! Yay for the AA slider feature! I ran all of those zones on 75% and it was well worth it!

  3. Cayenne says:

    I play a mystic as a main for my raiding guild as well. I never played a healer until the end of ROK and now in TSO. And yes, it is stressful and there are still some things I am learning and getting better at. Grats on your accomplishments, and new gear. Your jewerly will probably be upgraded in no time as there is tons of it out there. Also WOE has some nice things as well.

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