The Eternal Gorge and other Instances

The Eternal Gorge is an instance in Commonlands, at the top of Zarvonn’s Tower (which is close to the zone to Nektulos Forest). It’s a zone I’ve actually never been to before, but decided to explore with little Ishbel and Feelix yesterday. The zone is heroic, levels 18-23 or so. Thankfully we had a level 80 mentoring down or we would have been dead in a matter of seconds (and when Zarvonn’s creature came to life we WERE dead in a matter of seconds).

The entire zone is a number of small ring events. ONE person has to loot the no trade items that spawn with particular named as you complete each ring event, and then place those items on a feeding table. Well, it doesn’t look like much of a table, but it is one. The first few named don’t grant any aa which was a little disappointing, and the loot is treasured garbage (putting it politely) but the final named did grant aa and the experience was nice in the mean time. There’s a good wait in between each spawn round and you have to watch where you stand when you’re waiting for repops but all in all I had a lot of fun exploring this place. I wish there were more lower level dungeons like this for people to enjoy, perhaps a little more updated.

I wanted to do the shard of love with the 15 bruiser, but we quickly realized that it mentors much like the other TSO zones, which means level 50 is the lowest it will accept. Once that was figured out I was running low on ideas – so I decided to level up Willamina the ranger a little more. Inching her closer to 72 where she can wear some new gear and begin the slow grind to 80. She reached 68 and 69 easily enough, going through Den of the Devourer in Bonemire as well as Halls of Fate (also in Bonemire) instances from the Kingdom of Sky expansion that I enjoyed doing even then.

It was almost dinner time but not quite, and I was a little bored, so I decided to box my mystic and a shadowknight and try to do labs. Aside from being exceptionally slow (killing the mobs, that is) it went fairly well. The entire zone was cleared in a few hours, and I picked up a LOT of new pretties to pass over (via the heirloom tag) to my ranger. The only complaint I have is that relic patterns are NOT heirloom, so the chain legs and bracers I got will just have to rot. I did get a nice main hand weapon for the little ranger, as well as a new necklace, and once she reaches 70 she’ll have a new chest piece.

Yes, these will be replaced when I reach 72 by master crafted gear, but that’s to be expected, and it doesn’t really bother me as much as it once may have. Today I hope to gain the rest of the levels I need to hit 72 but we’ll just have to see how that goes.

How did everyone else spend their Tuesday? With Fallen Earth and Champions Online out I’ve been having a blast reading about games that I’m not currently playing to a large degree, so feel free to post below, no matter what game you find yourself in!

Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to The Eternal Gorge and other Instances

  1. stargrace says:

    Yeah, Laboratory of Lord Vyemm, and it can be duo’d with people who are geared in TSO raid gear (not avatar gear) – in fact it’s even been solo’d by a paladin (there are posts about this on EQ2flames) so it’s not completely unusual. It did take a VERY long time, the kills were slow.

  2. RickC says:

    “so I decided to box my mystic and a shadowknight ”

    Labs is able to be cleared with a duo these days?? Wow! This is Laboratory of Lord Vyemm? And you cleared it too??? I’m in awe.

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