What’s your best customer service story?

Yesterday little ranger Willamina (pictured to the right sporting her seafury buccaneer cloak) managed to inch her way to level 72 thanks to the help of Shadowgeist and Hamal. Between instances like Crypt of Valdoon, zones like Mistmoore Catacombs and Castle Mistmoore, as well as a brief stint in Sebilis (which was ‘fun’ to get to at level 71 when I had no sokokar or druid rings completed) she gained her levels as well as a few aa.

It was time to finally put on that level 72 mastercrafted gear, as well as make her first few skills. I am slowly going broke again (alts always seem to eat up all my cash) but I know I’ll make it back once I start actually questing with her again. I still need to get a cloak, some charms, food drink arrows and 1 weapon for her, but she’s well on her way. It helps that I have crafters who can create everything – and Hamal made me my jewelery as well as my skills.

Now the slow grind to 80 begins, and I do think it will be quite slow. Considering the ranger only has 1 day and a few hours played, I can’t really complain.

I’m also making adept3 for my bruiser who is level locked at 15 – and her paladin friend who is locked at 15 as well. We haven’t done any quests yet, and I plan on completing a bunch of those before we raise the level cap to 20. Having some adept3 should help the process. Once we absolutely run out of things to do at level 15 we’ll decide on where to level next. I’m excited about it, for once not rushing to end game and being able to enjoy the game in a completely new and different way that I haven’t experienced in a while. I do tend to take my time through the newer content, but stuff that’s been around for a while  I have typically already done a million times.

While working on my claymore quest (with the mystic) I came across a large issue. I had picked up the quest while my character was a defiler, the quest differs from the Qeynos version. Mid way through I betrayed over to a mystic, and upon completion of my quest the NPC would no longer speak to me because I was not the right alignment.

I petitioned when this happened, and after a bit of a wait (longer then I am used to because there are exceptionally heavy load requests going on at the moment) a friendly GM contacted me and asked me to log over to her so they could help me out.

After five years of playing EQ2 I stick to my opinion that the GM’s in EQ2 are some of the BEST you will ever find, in any game. They may not always be as prompt as you would like but they certainly try to take care of absolutely any issue you may experience. As long as you’re not asking for something impossible, and you’re kind and polite when you do ask, they will try their hardest to help you out. I have contacted GM’s a large number of times about everything from deleted characters, to housing issues, name issues, lost items, selling things to merchants by mistake, quests, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Each time they were polite and helped me to the best of their abilities. This sort of service is something I really treasure, and a service that I think more people need to appreciate. Sure, if you ask for something off the wall they’re not going to be able to help you, but they’ll still try and answer.

What about you, have a story of in game customer support (doesn’t have to be EQ2 related) that you’d like to share? What are some of your best MMO related customer service stories? Comment below!

In the mean time, happy gaming and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Kilanna says:

    I have been in contact with the EQ2 GM’s for a couple of problems with crafting that were entirely my own silly fault really.

    Because I play Aus time and not US time, it took overnight for my /petitions to be answered…. but the next morning when I logged into game, things were fixed on both occasions.

    No arguments with that sort of service!

  2. Grump says:

    Getting suspended for a week for taking using a summoner’s pet and Call of the Tinkerer to bypass walls in Veshan’s Peak. Some GMs felt sympathy for us although they could over rule their (retarded) boss.

    Basically here’s how it worked. We would have our summoner engage a mob through the red barrier and call it off. Then we would summon ourselves to his pet using an item called Call of the Tinkerer. We used all in game mechanics and our smarts, but since we beat a rival guild to their mythicals, they mass petitioned us and the head (retard) GM at the time thought we were cheating.

    …When GMs used to hang around on servers, instead of using the Trouble ticket system.

    There was a GM that would follow me around and I would point out bots and he’d poof them. That was pretty entertaining back in the day.

    The day I had an entire bot guild banished from Butcherblock was pretty fun, hung out with a GM for a couple hours and just chatted as he was researching the accounts that needed to be banned.

  3. Ferrel says:

    If your 42nd alt passes my main I shall be quite sad! In all seriousness though all of my great customer service stories are from EQ and EQ2. I suppose my favorite is from EQ2.

    We caught another guild exploiting a raid mob. They made a huge post on the forums how they and finally “caught up to #1” and I basically said, “Uh guys you exploited. You broke the encounter to ensure the three waves of adds don’t participate in the fight.” They went on and on about how I was just jealous that they caught me and how that was a viable tactic. We had video of it and a great write up. I sent it off to Steve and Scott and probably not five hours later the mob was removed from game.

    It was so great to go back to the thread. ^_^

  4. Rob says:

    Wow. My story is eerily similar to Petter’s. :) I can’t speak to the wonderfulness of EQ2s GMs because I have actually never had to call one. However, one time in Vanguard I realized that I had qualified for the founders rewards ( a title ), but I didn’t get it. So I put in a ticket and within a minute I was contacted and the GM spawned right near me. He handled the situation on the spot and got me my rewards. I have had encounters with teh Vanguard GMs since this as well and every single time they are incredibly quick to respond and very helpful. In contrast, I have had to contact a GM in FFXI multiple times, and when they do actually respond, it is always hours and hours after I have submitted the ticket.

  5. I’d probably say my best customer service experience was in Vanguard. I had created two different characters with the same name on two different servers and when I decided to delete one of them, both disappeared. I petitioned it of course and a few minutes later, while in a dungeon, a GM wearing some form of fancy armor popped up besides me – I was not prepared for that and he made me jump quite a bit, since I thought it was a high-level mob that I had managed to aggro.

    Turned out he was really nice, he teleported away after we had discussed my issue for a while, then five minutes later he returned and told me to log out and in again and the character that I wanted to keep would be back. He was really nice and it was fun to see a GM actually showing up in “person” and not only through whispers. I guess with the small amount of players that Vanguard has, it’s not that surprising… :P

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