Wandering through Krokotopia (still)

I spent some time playing little life / storm wizard Angela Ravendust, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. First of all, being life / storm is quite painful when it comes to the later part of Krokotopia. The first section was fire, I had no issues with that, I met up with a little ice, also no real issues, but now everything I fight is storm and that’s proving to be difficult as it’s the main portion of attacks I have aside from my life attacks which are not really helping me out all that much except to keep me afloat.Lots and lots of resists.

I created a second account so I could try boxing my way through some fights, but the wizard on that account is barely level 10 so far, and I’m not used to boxing, so it will take some time. That, and the fact that I haven’t actually upgraded her account so she’s still doing the freebie areas. I will probably look into changing that today – of course the announcement about henchmen coming to the game has me thinking about whether or not I want to bother leveling up another wizard along with my main if I can just hire NPC’s – but I still think I want to.Why bother when I could just group up with other wizards to help out? Well, most of the time I’m playing Wizard 101 at odd hours, when people are at work or school and I end up finding myself running through these areas alone. I think the henchmen will be a great addition, but as Tipa mentioned they don’t fill the role of an actual person and they can get pricey. “This becomes a rather expensive way of playing Wizard101, though. Also, the henchmen apparently don’t work much on their gear, so you’ll likely end up tanking anyway”

When I got to the point in Krokotopia that I had to take a break (I’m just about ready to move on to Marleybone from what I can tell) I decided to go back and complete some of the crafting quests I still had. I managed to finish the first one in Wizard city and they sent me to Wul’yahm the apprentice crafter in the Oasis and there I picked up the first quest to create some rings. At this point I still only had one timer with an hour cool down, so it took a little while to create the items. I went back and turned them in (making a good chunk of cash) and picked up the next crafting quest for some daggers.

These ones had a far longer cool down but I was able to craft two at a time which was a huge help. Once they were done I received my apprentice crafter badge and a quest that took me to Marleybone. Problem is my adventure level hasn’t quite caught up and until I get access I won’t be able to do it. In the mean time I decided to start a small goal of picking up all of the crafting recipes that I could find, which quickly caused me to run out of gold – not that I mind in the least bit, it’s a nice goal for me.

I still haven’t adventured through very much of Grizzleheim and I haven’t touched any of the Halloween events that are in game yet – but I’m hoping to find some time this week to do both of those a lot more. Maybe I can move past Krokotopia too and onto the elusive Marleybone that I’ve wanted to play in ever since Tipa started talking about it a year ago.

Happy Gaming!

2 Responses to Wandering through Krokotopia (still)

  1. stargrace says:

    Problem is when I need help you’re typically at work, hehe. But I will try to get into the habit of poking you! I have you on my friends list but just haven’t seen anyone around when I am these days.

    Quoted your site directly and changed my paragraph to explain what I meant a bit more about the henchmen (and changed them from mercenary, too many games with too many names!) to make more sense.


  2. Tipa says:

    Actually, I did get through to the first boss in Briskbreeze with 2-3 henchmen each battle :) You can only “hire” each one a limited number of times per day, so they really need to be saved for battles you simply cannot do any other way.

    You can always send me a note if you need help with anything :)

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