How Did you Spend your Weekend?

This weekend was pretty good as far as getting stuff done goes. Little Willamina the ranger is sitting at 40% into level 77, so she’s inching her way up there. I have a lot of gear stored up for when she finally hits 80, as well as a fabled shield from Outer Stronghold. It procs a dps buff and since rangers are typically using their bow, it will make a good pair with a main hand weapon and her mythical. She has set up a little room in Baubleshire, and I’ve been decorating slowly. What a change the new L&L quests have made, she has 20 of them completed so far which is more then any other character I have simply because I’ve never really been bothered to pick up the books in the past. Vampire will still have to be quested, but the rest are fantastic.

The ranger managed to complete all of the Everfrost instances, and she’s been through the lavastorm ones as well. She has been to CoA in Commonlands, but still needs the two others. I’ve also taken her to Evernight Abby, Obelisk of Ahkzul, and Anchor of Bazzul so it’s easy to see where the experience is coming from. Hamal crafted her three pieces of T1 void armor last night that I’ve added to the collection of ‘things I can wear some day’ and I’ve been working the three factions she eventually needs for her epic. If all goes well, in two weeks she will be sporting her mythical.

The ranger is completely different from the classes I typically play, which is probably why I enjoy it so much. I love being ranged and I’m used to it simply because of playing mages and healers. I love being able to actually DPS (granted my enchanters and bards do their fair share but it’s simply not the same) and I’ve got attacks that hit for more then I’ve ever personally been able to hit for before (sniper shot is hitting for 25k or so when it crits) which is a lot for me. Sure, it’s not that impressive when you consider an assassin and their skills, but it’s still neat.

Most of the weekend was spent in EQ2 with some time devoted to Wizard 101 too. This week is going to end up being fairly hectic but I should still manage to get my daily posts done here.

How did you spend your weekend? Be it in Norrath or some other game (or no game at all, maybe you were busy with family going ons?) I want to know, so post in the comments section!

Remember, happy gaming no matter where you are, and I’ll see you in Norrath.

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  1. Paken says:

    Heya Star,

    To start, I have 4 lvl 80 chars which give my other chars a 40% combat experience bonus and 3 of them are mastercrafters plus a tinkerer.

    So DING lvl 15 Dirge with 29AAs !!!

    Aside from the raids and other world events going on, I rolled an DarkElf Dirge in DW since the last patch. I got him to level 15 but only had 8AAs so after reading the article about the AA slider and a player having 38AAs already I decided to see if this was a fact or fiction. Well I was able to do all the quests in DW except for the Bone Tower ones but this did earn me the DW Quest achievement, Language achievement with 15 languages, 5 Collection achievements and 5 Legend and Lore achievements. I also headed to CL to work on 30 quests and spend time in the wailing caves. Before the wailing caves, I earned lvl 17Dirge and had 20AAs. After 1 hour of killing ORC after ORC inside the caves, I earned another 10AA in there. I can tell you with all the ORC killing in the CL and the massive ORC killing in the wailing caves, I am now sitting at 650 Orc Kills out of 1000 kills needed.
    So yes I now believe that there are lvl 20 characters out there with tons of AAs.

    Now only if I start to understand all those confusing Dirge AAs !!! I still have not completed the new AA info exel file but it should be done by next weekend. Anyone want a copy when I am done or has someone already done a nice checklist version?

  2. Akely says:

    I worked night and when hours I did not sleep I spent with my son. The Mrs (and the rest of the Guild) played a lot. They mostly worked on faction for starting their Epic weapon Quests. Granted, all they/we ever will get is the Fabled versions, but for some classes that version is pretty good. For others I think some Mastercrafted stuff is better. /shrug I’ll probably end up doing the Quest anyway. Tomorrow I will play much during the day, I’ll probably try out the Chrono-something-or-another and mentor down and Quest an unexplored zone.

    …and now you know.

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