Hidden Cache and Gobblerock’s Hideout

I absolutely love the new chronomagic feature in EQ2. It was a brilliant idea, and while some people would have harped about the fact that level 80’s are mentoring down to farm zones I think even with that factor it’s an amazing feature. Why? Because those zones would have been empty were it not for chronomagic.

In case you’re still in the dark about chronomagic, there is a daily mission associated with it. Speak to any of the chronomages in Qeynos Harbor, East Freeport, Kelethin, Gorowyn, or Neriak (though Neriak is missing 2 of the NPCs) and you’ll be offered a quest to mentor down to a specific zone.

Yesterday the zone was Hidden Cache, a level 60+ instance in the Sinking Sands.

While the merchants who stand next to the quest giver do offer some gear for faction it’s not really that impressive. What IS impressive is the miniature dolls you’re allowed to purchase once you’ve completed the mission. Each mission has its own “boss” plushie – the ones for Hidden Cache and Gobblerock’s Hideout are pictured to the right side.

There are over 30 of these plushies (and hence 30+ missions) for players to partake in. I am not sure if they go in a specific order but so far I haven’t seen any duplicated. These enchanted replicas are VERY expensive, 1p+ a little change each but they also signify a task that you’ve completed, and are fantastic for any home.

Of course I’m collecting these little miniature bundles of fun and putting them on display in my Norrathian Museum. So far I only have two, but I want to add the rest to the collection over time.

Speaking of my museum, Oasis doesn’t have nearly enough books for sale. In fact there are pretty much no player written books for sale. If you happen to be a player on Oasis or a player on another server and have a book you want to donate to my library, please let me know and I will send you a free blank book to write it in. Simply send mail to me on Oasis, my character name is Minxes (well, one of them). I have over 100 player written books to date, and I’d like to keep that going.

What has everyone been working on since GU53 went live? Have you been going out of your way to actively pursue achievements? Perhaps you’re spending all of your time mentoring down to complete quests? Have you explored the new Miragul’s Planar Shard (I saw a REALLY nice healer charm that came from the zone yesterday, it was sweet). Has your gaming changed any since GU53 or is it pretty much you still doing the same things you would typically do?

Let me know!

Happy gaming, and I will see you in Norrath!

5 Responses to Hidden Cache and Gobblerock’s Hideout

  1. Gazza says:

    I had to quit the game due to constant out of memory error crashes and FPS of between 5-10 since the new LU53.Before the LU i was getting 30-40 FPS in guild hall now its 5-10 if i can zone in that is. I am not alone the forums full of players experiencing similar problems.The thing that worries me is they have yet to implement the new shadow/lightng system to the game whats going to happen after that?
    So no I am not enjoying the update lol and neither are a lot of my guildies.

  2. Taymar says:

    I’m being quite fussy about which ones I take (HOW MUCH? Eeeeep) but it looks like none of them resize. Which is a bit of a shame but not that big a deal – I was just confused as they “seem” to resize and then it breaks when you place them.

    I now have ghosts in my haunted house, wheeee! (I’m doing these daily, definitely enjoying the update)

  3. Nikadaimon says:

    my gaming didnt really change.. still working on my Dirge (lvl 76 now and a few shards) and having fun with my Pally.. (192AA.. closing in)
    With the AA xp you get from the shard quests you really dont need the mentoring down and getting nameds etc. for the AA.. allthough its fun of course :)

  4. stargrace says:

    Hmm no resizing, he’s a lot bigger then the gobblerock guy, may just be the angle, screen shot taken by gnome! hehe

  5. Taymar says:

    Hey, that’s interesting – you managed to get the Master Thief to resize? Or is that just the angle? I tried to make him bigger but it wouldn’t take.

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