Shard of Love and other Goodies

Yesterday I did the shard of love, hoping for some of the more rare items to drops like the sai (beautiful particle effects) the flaming buckler (fabled), and the tower shield (my paladin would love to use it). Hamal has been hoping a pair of valor wings would drop, something else we still haven’t seen yet. We didn’t have much luck the first two times through the zone and yesterday proved to be no different. We got a few of the rotten pomegranate, some benches and a whole slew of fireworks.

I saw the snow globe to the right linked in chat, and absolutely fell in love with it right from the start. Hamal happened to have one, so even though it didn’t drop for me in the instance he gave me his and it now joins the other goodies I have stock piled in the rangers house.

Speaking of little Willamina, she’s closing in on level 78, which means only two more to go before she hits 80. I’m really exited about this, though I am really NOT excited about all of the faction work she will have to do in order to obtain her mythical. I imagine that will be how I level her, by working on the faction ahead of time. She also needs to complete the Casualties of the War of Fae heritage quest which rewards the raincaller bow in order to progress her mythical. Only makes sense for a ranger. I’m looking forward to hitting 80 so I can start on this.

Has anyone else gotten some really neat things out of the shard of love? I have seen some tattered items that have a very unique appearance that I know people are clamoring over (they’re very expensive on Oasis though) and I’d love to get a hold of some of the 1h weapons – it seems like all I can get to drop are the 2h ones that are useless to me in my appearance slot when I never use a 2h weapon.

If you’re looking to explore the instance yourself, the starter quest begins in Antonica or Commonlands (outside the city gates) or in TD on the docks (and I’m sure there are starters in Neriak and Kelethin as well). You are sent to visit a number of locations and eventually find yourself in Everfrost. Until you are on this stage of the quest you won’t see the npcs gathered at the end of the dock, nor the portal to SoL.

Once you’re done running all over the place you can summon the portal to open as you wish. Only one person in the group needs access, and it mentors from 50-80 much like all the other TSO zones. There are a few quests inside related to the zone as well as named, and discovery (which means a lot of aa). There are no real items that drop in the zone, only appearance, so if you’re looking to get awesome loot you’re going to end up disappointed.

All in all, it was a nice quiet time spent in EQ2 last night. I spent most of my time in Wizard 101 which I’ll talk about a bit later, and spent some time wandering through Telon (Vanguard).

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday, just think only two more days until the weekend! Hugs, and see you in Norrath.

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  1. Hey Stargrace,

    I love this zone, i have visited it a few times myself with folks in my guild (Knights of Marr -Crushbone), We have a instance group of 4 sometimes 5 toons that always group together. We actually picked up the valor wings the other night they look great, I didn’t get them myself but our healer (Twixt) did pick them up. I also have the snow globe that you pictured in the post and i also have the snow globe with the bow in it, I’ll send you a pic later tonight when i get on.

    But the zone is awesome, the shinnies are fun and the whole story that goes with the zone is sad but wonderfully done by the SOE, I liked how they brought the lore into this zone and it was done perfectly.

    If you ever come to Crushbone look me up i’ll be on Chubbylilbuddy (80Zerker), Kuzab (55 Pally), Cinderbella (54-SK), Chubetta (23 Fury), Wonderboyz (20 Guardian), Kryptonion (12 Warlock), or Monkeeman (5 Monk).

    Keep up the great work on your site I visit everyday and with Beckett’s i look forward to reading your articles when i get my mag.

  2. Magson says:

    Dang. Looks like I need to log in to EQ2 more and find the SoL! I’ve found the Kelethin Questgiver, at least, but haven’t run anything on it yet.

  3. Kilanna says:

    I have run SoL a couple times hoping for the wings too :p

    Love that globe. I also LOVE some of the other changes that have come in with this GU. I love we have extra room in housing .. and I love that we can “pack” items back into moving crates now!!

    I was ever so fortunate to have a Wizzie with our group as we were doing the access quest for SoL … otherwise it would have been quite slow and painful (or else I just have to stop being lazy *giggles*)

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