Book One, Chapter Five

Lord of the Rings Online has a promotion coming starting the 15th of October and lasting until the 21st where all closed accounts are being re-opened, and there are some special deals you can take advantage of as far as pricing and the new digital expansion. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in middle earth the past few days, exploring with a friend who has never played before.

Our little hobbits inched their way to level 14, and continued working on our epic quest line. Book one chapter five is where we’re sitting at, and we did a little crafting yesterday as well. It was nice to make items that we could use. We didn’t do a lot of side quests, so money is getting pretty tight. After I purchased my three new skills for 17s each I was down to 5s and couldn’t even afford to repair. I know if I spend a little time farming or working on side quests the coin would be easier to gain.

We also got lucky and managed to find ourselves a few pieces of amazing gear as loot from random encounters, I won myself a cloth hat (purple, whatever rank that is – rare I think?) that looks almost exactly like a witch hat (or a wizard 101 hat if you talk with Toargo who mentioned it yesterday) and Toargo (a guardian) won himself a very nice earring. We also managed to gear ourselves out a bit with some fancy gear from quest rewards, new weapons were made by Toargo but those were quickly replaced with quested items.

The game is much like I remembered it, a lot of questing, and a LOT of running around. We spent far more time traveling yesterday then anything else. It’s fun to play with friends, and even more fun to be playing with someone who has never experienced the game before on any level. It helps make things fresh and new although the highest I’ve ever gotten in game is level 17 so I certainly haven’t experienced all that much myself yet either and I’m looking forward to more.

Wednesday! Thankfully this is a short week and it’s going by quite fast. I hope everyone has been enjoying the week thus far. Happy gaming!

2 Responses to Book One, Chapter Five

  1. Bryzon says:

    You’ve got me wanting to try LOTRO. Downloading the trial right now…

  2. Goldenstar says:

    I agree that playing with a friend makes it more enjoyable. I play with my husband. A levelling buddy can make a the running around more entertaining!

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