Getting Things Done

Hanging out at the waterfalls in Nektulos Forest. I decided that I had the quest ‘glowing black stone’ in my quest journal for far too long and it was time to do something about it. The quest is not complicated, but it does make you return to the Oracle Tower in Antonica a handful of times which can get annoying. Thankfully my recall to guild hall button is on a short recast timer, so gating back home and taking the portal to Antonica is never difficult.

Torrent Knights is inching through level 48, with the new guild members throwing themselves into their own Heritage Quest runs. We’ve already got three amenity picked out, a training dummy, portal to member housing, and a wizard spire. When I can afford it I’d also love to move us over to a T2 guild hall, but we’ll see how that goes.

Further proof that you do NOT need to be uber in order to get things done in game. On a whim Wpus and Ultann and I decided we would attempt Kurns Tower (the group version of course, not the raid version) with just the three of us. Ultann (Shadowknight – though he also boxed his inquisitor), Wpus (Conjuror) and myself (Mystic) managed to clear the ENTIRE zone with just the three of us. I was surprised, and very pleased. Ultann got himself an amazing ring upgrade, although I was really hoping that the healer charm would have dropped. My mystic needs new charms badly. The EA (in Jarsath Waste) charm also refuses to drop for me, figures.

I still need to finish off doing the Nights of the Dead events, the haunted houses as well as the maze another time. I finished off my 25 quests in Sinking Sands last night before bed, and earned myself another achievement. I’m also closing in on 195aa which is the furthest any of my characters have gone to date. One of these days I’ll actually hit 200 on at least one character.

Other then that, it was just a pleasant night of gaming! I hope everyone else is enjoying their Wednesday, and I will see you in Norrath!

2 Responses to Getting Things Done

  1. stargrace says:

    I’ve actually had screaming mace on me since 2005, which is just.. yeah.

  2. Ysharros says:

    Lady, you haven’t had a quest for long if you didn’t get it in 2005! I actually finished some combat writs the other day (from December 2005) that I’d completely forgotten about.

    whaddaya mean, I should read my quest journal more thoroughly?! (Actually I do, I just didn’t see the “THIS IS A WRIT” part of the kill 10 rats ones. ;) )

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