Haunted mansions, guilds, and claymore – oh my!

I finished off the haunted mansion in Loping Plains twice – which allowed me to finally pick up the vampire Lore and Legend book that’s behind the painting at the top of the stairs. The best part of doing these quests is that one of the rewards is a 10 charge recipe for vampiric mirrors, which I use constantly in my houses and the Norrathian Museum I still have in the works. I also completed the haunted house in North Qeynos, which appears to be a one-time only type of quest this year. I was pretty sure in previous years this was repeatable, maybe I’m mistaken.

The most interesting part of yesterday is that Torrent Knights has found itself another guild member. While I never intended to actually lead a proper guild, I am happy that we’re getting a few new members. It always comes with a word of warning, as I am not exactly the same in game as I am on this web site and I always make sure everyone is aware of my nomadic gaming life style, and anything that comes with that. So far it seems to be working out fairly well. I don’t run the guild as a typical guild, it’s exceptionally casual and laid back. Those who don’t feel like they fit in are welcome to stay until they find themselves another home; thankfully it’s never come to that.

The remainder of my time in game was spent working on my claymore quest chain which is still a significant upgrade to my mystic due to the amount that it increases wards by. I’m looking forward to adventuring through Barren Sky today and trying to push the quest further. So far I am on quest 13, I believe there are 29 or so to the series. At least I managed to get the Sanctum of the Scaleborn portion complete, that was always the most difficult part when I was working on it before.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!

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  1. tuvogg says:

    Kryln, If i wasnt on the opposite side of the pond on Splitpaw I’d look you up for that quest :)

  2. kaozz says:

    You make me want to reactivate my EQ2 account >< Nice Picture to go with the post btw!

  3. Kryln says:

    hehehe Thanks Stargrace. I’ll find one of you folks tonight!

  4. stargrace says:

    @Kryln just do a /who all torrent when you’re in game and you should manage to track one of us down, I’m typically on as either Stargrace, or Ellithia (my mystic) some times Arysh (my illusionist) or Petites (the templar). We don’t actively recruit but if you think you can handle us and you’re not faint of heart or easily offended, you’re more then welcome to join! Guild chat can get quite.. involved some times. *grins* So please consider yourself warned.

  5. Kryln says:

    Regarding Claymore, I am stuck on the AOA x2 part myself on AB. Maybe we can get a couple people together and eventually run thru this part!

    Also Stargrace, I’ve been trying to track you down as well as I’m interested in joining your merry guild as well. You guys seem to have alot of fun doing older zones and I’m fine with you moving from game to game. I solo alot of the time anyways so not a big deal.

    I’ll try and catch you in game!

  6. tuvogg says:

    I am currently stuck on the quest that requires the AOAx2 raid zone. In order to progress in the zone you need to get drops from names. SOE in their wisdom have made these chest drops which means the mobs have to be green. So no whipping through solo at 80. Of course noone wants to produce 2 toons in their low 70s to act as mentor targets. I must admit i havent tried to arrange a run since Chronomagic has become available. Question is can i solo epicx2 mobs mentored to 75. I am completely TSO raid and Avatar geared so im thinking the answer is probably yes :) Must give it a try.

  7. Cayenne says:

    Actually working on the claymore line myself for the first time ever for my mystic. Last night finally got quest #21 (of 25 total) done thanks to some late night guildies.

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