The Little Guild That Could

From left to right – Calreth (Erudite Wizard), Ibeogur (Ogre Berserker), Ellithia (Wood Elf Mystic), Hamal (Sarnak Assassin)

We did it. Last night the guild of Torrent Knights managed to ding level 50 and unlock the tier 2 guild halls. These halls cost 250p and are quite a bit larger then the T1 hall we had been staying in temporarily. I had drempt about purchasing one for quite some time, and it was always one of those ‘we’ll get one some day’ goals I had in game. Thanks to some massive writ grinding last night by Calreth, Wpus, and myself we managed to make that goal a reality.

Needless to say I spent most of yesterday (0nce the writ grinding was done) unpacking our old hall into the new place, setting up bedrooms in the basement, putting together the crafting area. Purchasing two new amenity (we went with the spires to the Overrealm and the portal to member housing) and just generally running around in the new space having a fantastic time. It was exciting.

Our trophy room now holds 7 guild hall trophies and we’re looking to expand on that. For a guild of less then 10 people, we do surprisingly well. I have heard multiple times on channels (especially on Oasis) that there is no room for small guilds, that there are too many people who choose that rout and that they should be merged into larger guilds. I do not think any of that holds true. Smaller guilds have just as much value as larger guilds, and when they work towards a common goal pretty much anything can be accomplished. I love the friends I’ve made in TK, we talk on a first name basis and we’re pretty close. We have alliances for raids (well those who want to raid at least) and we get just as much done in our small guild as anyone does in a large guild, maybe even more.

I couldn’t be prouder.

7 Responses to The Little Guild That Could

  1. Paken says:

    Heya Star,

    Grtz on T2 GH. I currently have a T1 GH and the guild that my friend and I created back in 2006 is currently at level 36 although it has been that level for 2 weeks now because I am just playing the game and not grinding writs at this time. We should be able to get to lvl 40 with ease but not sure about 41 to 50…..

    Anyway I shall see…..

    Grtz again Start !!!

  2. Kilanna says:

    Well done you guys!

  3. Gotta say… awesome screenshot! You really have a talent for getting great pics :)

  4. Grats on the guild hall! I’ve certainly enjoyed the benefits of Angela’s efforts on the HE hall during my time in Norrath. :)

  5. Akely says:


    Kudos and well done. Myself is also in a minute guild. We to have c befrenderawled our way up to 50. But unlike you we’re not very successful in the raiding. That stems from the fact that we can’t raid within the guild. How do you solve this? An alliance, or what?

    Actually we’ve started teaming up with another minute guild in order to raid. Granted we’ve only done it once (last night) but we all semed to think it was a success and the general consensus was we’ll do it again.

    As for getting a T2 hall. Wow. We feel T1 is large enough.

    The opinion that there are no room for small guilds is silly. We’re ENJOYING ourselves. Just because we do with our play-style does not mean everyone with another play style do not. Frankly that “my way or wrong way” smacks of elitism and a fair deal of stupidity.

  6. Amen. I still consider Halasian Empire a small guild even though we’ve recently topped 100 members (27 accounts). We’re all like-minded people and the vast majority of us talk to each other out-of-game as well. We’re one big family — with the obligatory shy cousin or two. :) We enjoy crafting just as much as adventuring, and while there’s almost always several members on at once, we’re happy to do our own thing and gab away in guild chat.

    Anyone who says that small and/or casual guilds need to get with it should take a closer look. People obviously go for this sort of thing, or else the Empire and other guilds like it would have disappeared years ago.

    Congratulations to you guys for earning that T2 hall! It’s a huge milestone, and one you *should* be proud of. Next goal: level 70 and that T3 hall! ;D

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