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The Teensiests Tongas by Nikatell

Dedicated To: Daenee
The Smartest Little Tonga in The Claymore

Once upons a times, there wasses a Ratonga girl. She was really smarts and learned maths befores she’s could evens walks and how toos read befores she’s could tells Cheddar and Brie cheeses aparts. Howevers, she hads one smalls problems that made things a littles hards. She wasses the teensiest ‘tongas evers.

Yous knows she liked winnings Hide and goes seeks or was really great abouts findings coins that fells belows the tables, but it alsoes meant that the biggers kids wouldn’t let her plays balls with thems. Soes this teensy girls had toos watches them play sports and cheer for her favorites.

One days, a big means wolfs came toos town. He had big teeths that looked biggers than forks, and had fur soes dark Luclin had troubles finding hims at midnights.

This wolfs wasses a bullies and wanted nothing mores than toos eats little ratongas in a soups. Soes when he heard of the childrenses ball games, he’s came ups with a plans.

Using wolfish magics, he createds a stones that would pulls all toys, especiallys balls toos its, hopings toos get the ‘Tongas closers soes he’s could catches thems.

Soes, he snuck ontoos the fields and hid in bushes that he’s carried with hims as his bests disguises. He then waits and waits  and waits and even snores a littles, until he’s hears the childrens coming bys.

Once agains, the Teensy Tonga wasn’t allowed toos plays, soes she sat closes toos the bushes unseen by the wolfs who didn’t sees hers yets.

The rests of the Ratongas played among themselves when the wolfs used his magics stones. The ball went flyings like Woooshes, and swirled in the airs like a ballerinas, before finally fallings in front of the wolfs bush.
Thinkings it part of the games, the children raced toos the bush to see who could get it firsts. All of them touched its at the same times and argued about who was firsts.

“I’s heres.”

“Noes I’s ams”

“Nuh unhs”

“Yun huhs”

All the while, the teensy tonga giggled at how silly they were, when she heard rustling in the bushes. She peered her little head past the leaves and saw the wolfs clawed feet and started to squeek. But it was too late, the wolf jumped out with a sack and captured all the Tongas except for Teensy.

“Hahahaha, I’ve got you now Ratongas, and you’ll all be my dinners.”
“Ohs noes,” the children cried as the wolf sprinted back to his cave three hills overs.

Now, the Teensy Ratonga was all alone and she sat there a minute and brought her tiny hands to her eyes to cry.

“*sniffs* They’s all gones and I’s alones. Now I’s nevers get toos plays with thems.”

She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed until shees could sob no mores, and it wasses when she felt betters that an idea came to mind. She balled her small paws into fists and punched the airs at the wolfs cave.

“Noes, yus not goings toos eat thems yus mean old wolfs. I’s on the jobs.”

And soes the Teensy ‘Tonga ran to the cave, as fasts as her little legs would allow.

When she arrived at the wolf’s cave she gulped seeing how big and scary it wasses. The cave looked like a Giant’s face in the biggest yawn evers, and a chilly wind brushed Teensy’s fur. but her friends were inside and she wouldn’t be afraid. She crept inside.

At the end of the long cold cave was a little rooms, lit up by candles that rested on a million shelves of stone. Teensy climbed upon a rock and looked forward and saw the sack where the children were and the wolf was wearing a silly hat and stirring a big pot of soups.

“Yum yum yum, ratties in the soup”, sung the wolf.

“Noes noes noes, we’s not good for yous”, cried the chldren.

Teensy snuck across the room as she got an idea. She clambered up to the higher shelf and whispered in the wolf’s ear pretending to be a ghost.

“Bad ol’ wolfs, yus noes eats the childrens or yous be haunteds by the phantom ticklers!”

The wolf’s ears flicked and he turned his head, but Teenys ducked behind a candle too fast. He shrugged and turned back to the soup. She crept to his other ear and started to whisper.

“Bad ol’ Wolfs, yus noes eats the childrens or yous be haunteds by the phantom ticklers!”

The wolf’s ears flicked and he turned his head, but again Teensy was too fast. He stirred the soup, but his singing stopped and he looked this way and that worried about the ghostly voice.

Now, Teensy noticed something on the shelf that almost made her giggle at her idea. She wandered to an old dry dishcloth and put it over her and walked back to the wall. She ran forward and leaped onto the wolf’s hat smooshing it down, and gave a scary howl that sounded like.


The Wolf looked up and saw the cloth as Teenys continued her little trick.

“Yous very bads, naughty wolfs. Leave nows or I’s tickles yous forevers!”

With that, Teenys reached her tiny claws down to scritch and tickle behind the wolf’s ears who howled and growled in laughter.

“No! *ahahaha* Please stop *Heee heee hee* I’m sorry. *HOOWL* Sorry ghost, please don’t ahahha”

The wolf ran around and around the room, stubbing his toe on the pot, which made him hop and bump his hand against the shelf, which made him fall, just after Teensy leapt off onto the lower shelves. The wolf clambered up and yelled out…

“You can have the kids, I’m sticking to Carrots. YAAHHHHHH,” and out he ran to the door.

Teensy climbed dwon the shelves and up the bag that held her friends and untied the bag. The children crawled out and hugged Teensy all together.

“Thanks yous, thanks yous! Yus saved usses.”

Teensy knew the way home and lead the children all home in time for dinner. But what happened to Teensy after that?

She became known as the Lady knight of the hill, and the children only played games that she could join in on. They all lived happily, because they knew that if the mean wolf ever came back that Teensy would save the day.


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