Kurns Tower, and other Adventures

In a rare occasion yesterday Hamal, Ultann, Wpus, and myself were all online at the same time. We decided to head to Kurns Tower in Fens of Nathsar (there’s still a nice healer charm I’d like, plus a few other upgrades for other folks) and it was amazing the difference having some dps turned out to be. Well, more dps that is, as our trusty Conjuror is always great dps as well. The zone was fairly simple, aside from one very odd happening. During a named encounter Ultann suddenly found himself ported OUTSIDE the zone, into Fens. We had no idea how that happened, or why, but it meant a quick and painful death for the rest of us. Once he came back everything went well.

Although the charm I wanted didn’t drop, we still had a good time, and I still got a charm just not the one I had my eye on. We also got a healer shield that was an upgrade for my templar (though not the mystic who is wearing a really nice one from Sebilis). We at least know that the zone can be completed without too much issue, you also get a few shards for clearing the zone which always comes in handy.

I managed to inch my way to 196aa which means – only 4 more to go! I’m excited about completing them, though I imagine it will still take me a bit of time. Once those are completed it will be time to finish off the illusionist. That’s the plan in any case. We all know how well me and plans typically work out (or don’t work out as the case may be).

We’re still decorating the T2 hall, with a long way to go. I don’t imagine we’ll ever purchase a T3 hall, they are VERY expensive, plus we really do NOT need all that room. The T2 hall should do just fine for the 8 of us. I’m trying to figure out what sort of bedroom I want to create in the basement, so far I only have a few ideas. It’s been a while since I’ve done any heavy decorating in game. Which reminds me, I really need to get my Norrathian Museum completed some time as well.

Aside from that, things have been quiet. What has everyone else been up to? Any grand adventures? I want to hear about them as always, so leave a comment below!

Safe travels and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

2 Responses to Kurns Tower, and other Adventures

  1. kaozz says:

    I’ve decided to plunge back into EQ2. Just reading about the fun your having there makes me want to play!

  2. tuvogg says:

    Grats on your AA, the last few are always the hardest. Have I had Grand adventures, I would say yes. We FINALLY beat Munzok in MMB last night after weeks of trying and heaven knows how many hundreds of plat poured into mender bots. I think my record for experience debt was about 60% :) Only Miragul to go now before the graft to 90

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