Completing the Isle of Dawn

Yesterday a pretty hefty patch was implemented in Vanguard, and sadly it seemed to break more then it fixed. For one, it broke the Isle of Dawn riftway, which meant that none of us could get off of it to explore the rest of Telon even after we reached level 10 and accepted (and in some cases, completed) the quest to speak with the rift seeker. It also seems that special recipes for crafting on the Isle of Dawn are not showing up in recipe books, which means progressing specific chains was impossible.

Not exactly the glorious second day I wanted to show to a newcomer to the game but it also wasn’t something that really bothered either of us. We spent the day finishing off old quests that we still had kicking around in our journal, and made the dreaded flight to the Temple located up a hill in order to finish the main chains. This temple is a place I have died more times then I can count. It’s difficult, respawns tend to be quick, and there are named located in various parts.

It was fun to hear another persons views on the quests, and see his excitement as we completed our sets of armor including a cloak. Once you’ve done the main chains on the Isle of Dawn you finish off the quests that reward you little trinkets, these can be right clicked and combined together to create a bracelet that levels up with your character and grows in power.

Hopefully we’ll be able to leave the island before too long, and explore the rest of Telon. With the new mentor system, this is something I am looking forward to the most.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Completing the Isle of Dawn

  1. Hey Stargrace, so i am trying out Vangaurd i hear you talking about it all the time, whats one of your toons name maybe i could look ya up sometime in game


  2. Cabaloc says:

    Hiyas, I’ve been reading your blog and very entertaining. I’m picking up the game ,downloading trial now and was wondering, what class and race is best suited for a new player ? also can you recommend a server, I live on the east coast if that helps. Thanks and keep on blogging =)

  3. Magson says:

    Respawns “tend to be” quick in the temple? I think it’s a 2 minute respawn — that’s ludicrous speed, imo.

    That sucks that the riftways are broken, among the other things. I’m sure they’ll sort it out quickly, though.

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