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Things have been busier during the week lately then I’d like, but c’est la vie I suppose! I’ve been bogged down with a lot of work, and when your work includes playing video games that can eat into your spare time very quickly (see all that Aion time I clocked in? Yep, all for work). I’m excited about the latest EQ2 event that should be starting at 5pm EST today. Apparently void shards are going to be dropping randomly in chests – and I don’t know anything more then that at the moment. I don’t know if it will drop from level 1 chests (if you’re mentored for example) or if it will be level 50+ or level 80+ or how it will work. I don’t know what the drop rate will be, or if they’ll only come from instances.

What I do know, is that I need at least 100 shards in order to upgrade T1 to T3 that has been sitting in my bags collecting dust for the past little while, and I’m hoping that they drop with enough frequency to make this announcement worth while. The event goes on from today until the 2nd of November, and I hope it also entices some people who have been feeling a little ‘blah’ about EQ2 to continue playing. We’ll see.

It’s Friday, and I hope to get a lot of gaming in but we’ll just have to see! Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. Don’t forget to turn clocks back an hour (fall back, see how that works?) on Sunday, and NaNoWriMo also starts the first of November!

Good luck to everyone!

6 Responses to Events for Everyone!

  1. Borgio says:

    Would be nice if I could log in then, keep getting a CTD every time… ho hum

  2. kaozz says:

    Check the “welcome” window, I think I remember reading about it there. Pretty neat event.

  3. stargrace says:

    It’s in the /motd in game, and we all got emails (well, I did at least for my EQ2 accounts) regarding it.

  4. Borgio says:

    Hmmm trying to find something hinting about the shard drops but cant seem to dig anything up, any source for this Star?

  5. Wiqd says:

    Considering my WoW guild just downed Anub’Arak on Heroic and thusly ‘beat’ WoW unless Icecrown Citadel comes out, Dana and I should be playing EQ2 all weekend! Unless we get pulled into Borderlands games as we have for the past week or so. We’re about to hit 60, which excites me since I want to get through Faydwer and see RoK stuffs. Collecting void shards on the way to 80 can’t be a bad thing if they drop for us, right? :P

  6. Akely says:

    Shards will drop in all chests, almost all the time, in all zones and all levels!

    How do I know this? Simple: Simple deduction. I work all weekend and will not have time to play more than a few minutes…

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