A Casual Weekend

Yesterday was filled with Halloween goodness, so I didn’t really play all that much. I spent the evening giving out candy to frozen trick or treaters who braved the cold to go door to door, eating some great pizza, and playing Torchlight on the laptop since I was not at my own apartment (we don’t hand out candy at the apartment building, and I wanted to be a part of it this year). When I heard that EQ2 was putting on an event that included random void shards dropping all over Norrath until the 2nd of November, I decided to see about farming some, I need a lot still for my illusionist.

After hours of killing in Crushbone Keep with Hamal and Calreth, we decided it would have been far easier to just go and complete the void shard instances in TSO and actually get a shard, rather then hope one dropped from a chest (which it never did).

I did manage to get my bruiser from 15-36 in an hour or so of game play last night, she was the Oasis character I had level locked at 15 to work on achievements, but now that I have the shadowknight on Antonia Bayle, I decided one level locked character was more then enough.

Since I wasn’t sure how much time I would have, I didn’t get into any Vanguard yesterday, but Wpus did and now that the riftways on the Isle of Dawn are working, he left and inched his way to level 12. From all of his accounts he’s having an absolute blast, and I’m so glad to hear it. I’ve really loved the game and every time I hear that someone else is also enjoying it, I get a little tingle inside.

Hopefully everyone has been having an amazing weekend, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to A Casual Weekend

  1. Griss says:

    EQ2 Shard dropping weekend?

    “Worst event ever!” as the comic book guy from The Simpson’s would say.

    Now I had absolutely no expectations that shards were going to drop like rain, but I got 2 in around 16 hours of running around zones mentored down to various levels and killing everything in sight, I even spent time in small groups to increase the speed and kill rate. Hell! – a couple of guild mates spent around 5 hours farming mobs for them on the Saturday and got nothing.

    As stated – I never expected to get a shard every five minutes, but the reality was I could have simply done the solo shard quest both days and got 2 shards in less than an hour.

    An event? They could simply leave it running forever and it will have no impact on the game whatsoever.

    I wonder which ONE of my FIVE characters is going to go shopping with these 2 hard-earned shards?

    As you can guess, I’m not in a happy place right now.

    Love your blog Stargrace, I visit almost daily.

  2. tuvogg says:

    I haven’t tried on low level or mentored characters, but my group last night got about 3 or 4 extra shards out of 7 instances. Not incredibly mind blowing unfortunately.

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