Wandering through Telon

Looking down at Renton Keep, working on the United Races of Thestra (URT) quests that reward some pretty good armor at lower levels. I’ve done these quests a lot, and each time I love them more and more – all except the one that we were working on today that involved hunting invisible mushrooms that simply refused to spawn. I was using my disciple which is a monk healer and a character I haven’t played in a VERY long time. If a disciple is not hitting a mob, typically that means they’re not healing. You have to melee in order for your heals to go off. This is difficult for me, as I’ve become accustomed to staying at range as a healer. Being right in the middle of the combat is breaking years of training to remain ranged.

With our duo we managed to defeat level 18 mobs without too much issue as long as they came alone (two dot) and three dots a level or two higher then us were also dealt with fairly easily. We wiped a few times when (usually do to some bad pathing) we found ourselves with a handful of brownies eager to eat us (how odd does that sound) but dying in Vanguard isn’t as heart wrenching as it once was. You do still need to recover your corpse to pick up the extra gear that’s not currently bound to you, and recover some experience, but you don’t have to do it naked any more.

I spent most of my time mentored from 23 to 13, but Hampooj hit level 14 as a Dread Knight, and we had a blast exploring Telon. Now if we could just find those mushrooms.

2 Responses to Wandering through Telon

  1. Atnor says:

    Those mushrooms could always be tough. Some days super easy to get all mine, and some days it would take forever. Good luck :)

    Nice screenshot too btw

  2. Kevin says:

    Just in case you’re still looking, the mushrooms aren’t spawning. So log a ticket and wait for a GM to merrily move you along in your quest. :)

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