An Instance, some leveling, and a Party

I know I already used a similar picture not that long ago, but in this one we’re all showing off our incredible moves, so it had to be posted. I haven’t found a lot of time to play EQ2 lately but I managed to squeeze in a little time here and there. Yesterday I did Obelisk of Ahkzul with my troubador (much neglected) – it was the hot zone, but my luck held steady and we didn’t see anything drop. I am not sure what I would have done had I see the healer shield drop, I’m pretty confident I’ve done the zone at least 200 times and it’s never dropped.

I also managed to level my bruiser up (along with some help of course) and she inched her way from level 15 to 47. With vitality, and an experience potion running (as well as the 50% bonus from having max level characters) it wasn’t that difficult. There’s a system of zones I head to now. Wailing Caves from 10-20, Fallen Gate from 21-30, Runnyeye from 31-42, Cazic Thul from 43-48 or so, then it’s off to Sinking Sands, Clefts of Rujark and all of those wonderful places. These of course are zones I head to when I have a level 80 mentoring me, on my own it would take quite a few quests and a lot more zones.

I haven’t attempted to obtain many of the newer achievements yet, the ones that required timed runs through zones, but I’m hoping to later this week. I’m also eager to see the list of changes / fixes go in, some have been a long time coming.

Don’t forget that this time a round the 5th anniversary of EQ2 is being celebrated on the TEST server, and if you plan on attending you will want to patch WELL ahead of time, because it takes a while. This means that we won’t be goodies to take home to our mains (unlike previous years when it ran on all servers on individual days) but I’m still expecting a whole lot of fun to take place. Hopefully I’ll see lots of people there, too!

How has everyone else been keeping busy? There’s got to be some gamers out there still playing MMOs, right? Right?

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