Kurns and Crucible, sitting in a Tree.

Torrent Knights picked up another new guild mate last night – Threllgar joined the guild (once I’d told him about what sort of guild we were and warned him of course) which was fantastic. I never intended on TK turning into a ‘real’ guild, and it’s still not what I would consider one, but I’m always happy when new people join up (even if we eventually scare them away). As it happened, not only did we get a new guild mate, but most of the ‘core’ of the guild happened to be on (aside from Calreth, who is stationed out in the Jungle currently) and so we decided to take advantage of that. Grabbing the new guild mate, Wpus, Ultann, Hamal, and myself decided to head to Kurns and attempt to get a few drops that we could use.

We have been there before, and completed the zone with four of us so taking along someone new wasn’t going to be an issue at all. I had been trying the previous two times to get the fabled healer charm to drop from the 2nd named encounter and low and behold this time it actually dropped! It’s been ages since my healer has managed to find herself an actual upgrade, and I was exceptionally pleased. It was a gigantic upgrade to what I was wearing, and we had a blast doing the zone.

Each time we go to a zone we seem to discover something new. Last night on the second floor we discovered a very bad bug. Seems that the walls of the room are not as solid as some would think. We typically fight the named up on the wall – and found ourselves tankless once again. Turns out if you bounce around up against the wall you’ll get ported outside to fens. We played around with this ‘feature’ a few times, and found all of us bounced outside to fens. Lesson learned, don’t fight near the walls.

Aside from that one mishap things were smooth, and since there was still a little time after we decided to head to Crucible and complete that zone. Since there’s really no reason to bring two healers I relogged over to Stargrace and dusted her off a little. I’m still trying to collect shards for three pieces of WoE gear that I’ve had rotting in my bags for quite some time now, but of course I tend to procrastinate and it’s been ages since I’ve actually ‘worked’ on getting those shards. I can’t help it, after saving up shards for 13 level 80’s (T1) it gets tiresome. Every so often I get enough motivation.

Hopefully we didn’t scare the new guild mate away, we chattered freely in EQ2s voice chat (not because we had to but because we’re all friends, so why not) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Today is a Holiday here in Canada (Remembrance day) and I’ll be headed out to watch the ceremony down town. Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday.

5 Responses to Kurns and Crucible, sitting in a Tree.

  1. Ferrel says:

    I’ve been wanting to get into Kurn’s Tower. We haven’t taken that trip as of yet. Glad to read a bit about it prior to going!

  2. stargrace says:

    I believe we’re up to 9 or 10 now, there are 14 accounts in guild, but two belong to me, two belong to Tipa, two belong to Ultann, and two belong to Hamal.

  3. Alik Steel says:

    Reading your post all most makes me want to come back to EQ2…delete…delete… OK let me get off that before it goes south on me.

    Grats on the new member, How many does that make now?

  4. Threllgar says:

    Oh and look for my boots……

  5. Threllgar says:

    Thanks again for the guild invite and the invite to run some instances. I had a blast!

    Now to gear up my monk…..

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