Reinstalling Games, and Pre-Order Thoughts

The last two days have resulted in very little game time, although I knew that would be the case. I finally took the plunge and upgraded my beta version of Windows 7 to the full version of ultimate. This meant that once again I spent two days reinstalling everything to the computer. Along with that, I decided to reformat two of my three drives, and then organized what was going on them. It was really about time and I feel great having a computer that’s organized and tidy. After a few years everything I’ve put on it was starting to add up. It also gave me the chance to get rid of all of the games that I’m not playing, or played once, or thought about playing, downloaded, and then left them in their folders. I took care of the main games: the Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Unlimited, EverQuest, EverQuestII, Vanguard, Wizard 101, Sims 3Torchlight, Dragon Age, Aion, and Guild Wars. The rest will have to be added as I get to them.

The screen shot is that healer charm that I finally managed to get from Kurns. The mana is quite low on it, but I enjoy the rest of the stats and the clicky can be used every four minutes or so which really comes in handy. Especially on fights in Kurns where you’re casting cures constantly. In fact I’m pretty sure I spend more time curing in TSO then anything else. I’m really hoping Sentinel’s Fate will not be more of the same.

Speaking of which, the pre-orders started yesterday. The retail version allows you into the expansion a week early – something that I’m not personally keen on. I don’t think I’m going to bother pre-ordering, I don’t mind waiting a week to experience the content. Of course that means that I’m going to be moaning and complaining when the time actually comes, but that’s alright. I imagine that raid guilds and other hard core guilds may actually require their guild mates to pre-order retail, so that they can be ‘first’ in line to experience those things. Especially since there’s an extra 10 levels added to the game on top of all of those raid zones.

We’ll just have to see!

6 Responses to Reinstalling Games, and Pre-Order Thoughts

  1. Necrotherian says:

    I have a quandry, I want to start the expansion 7 days early, but I don’t want to go through the crap that I had to deal with by pre-ordering the retail version. Hopefully they have a retailer other than (not-so)Best Buy which allows me to preorder, because I refuse to shop there again.

  2. jt1080 says:

    I just read about the expansion and it has my interest piqued and contemplating giving EQ2 *another* shot. If I can get it to run decently well while still looking pretty I think I could get into it. My computer should have no problem playing it on high :(

  3. Rob says:

    Wow. So people actually play the-game-that-shall -not-be-named? :)

    I havent played EQ2 in months, but I am considering pre-ordering, or at the very least, blowing a chunk of money on the collectors edition. The evercracked DVD sounds like something I want to see.

  4. stargrace says:

    Sorry Paken that game name is banned from my site, they’re nothing but horrible spam and incredibly derogatory images on their adds. Glad to hear you’re having fun though!

  5. Paken says:


    OMG…. I have not played EQ2 in 2 weeks !!!

    There is another new game on the market called **** and what a great game aka Civilization type but in multiplayer mode.

    I am on server 79 with the name of whoelse? PAKEN !!!

    FYI sis :)

    P.S. NO SNOW YET in QUEBEC but getting chilly….. Hope the snow stays away in da Capitale !!!

  6. Magson says:

    I’m gonna pre-order more becuz I always have than anything. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even start playing more between now and the release so the early access will even mean something to me.

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