A Month in Screen Shots

I am constantly taking screen shots in game – I mean, so many that I have folders upon folders of screen shots over my last 10 years of gaming. I’ve decided to add a new feature once a month that will include a month of my EQ2 experiences in screen shots, since there are a lot of shots that never make it to this web site. So, here’s the month of October.

The guild of Torrent Knights decided to band together for an evening and complete old raid zones that we had either never been to, or missed the achievement for. It required a lot of traveling, and I’ve always loved the view of the Oracle Tower in Antonica.

The Festival of Discord on the Antonia Bayle server was a huge success, and the decorations were superb. Thank you everyone involved! I had a blast roleplaying as Stargrace.

Nights of the Dead took place, lots of haunted houses and vampires. I loved that we managed to obtain the smokey mirrors to craft this year.

The rat race took place, hosted by the Community Team, I didn’t partake in the actual race, but I did cheer from the side lines and kept those guides and other people busy with my pillow throwing antics. A great time was had by all.

Looking forward to posting Novembers screen shots next month!

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