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Some times it’s hard to find time to get everyone together in game, especially since we’re all busy with life and whatever it happens to be throwing our way. As such, I pretty much spent no time in game this weekend. It was refreshing, not because I don’t enjoy games, I do, but because I play games all day during the week for work – it was just nice NOT to be playing games on the weekend. Instead I went and visited my folks (who live about 45m south of me), went out and did groceries, headed to a fantastic Santa Claus parade that lasted a few hours, and bought a new LCD TV for the living room that’s just really nice. I even managed to play some Fable 2 on the Xbox which is something that barely happens because – you guessed it – I’m playing MMOs.

When I did manage to catch a few minutes in EQ2 I was planning out what I wanted to work on. Did I want to hunt down achievements, or concentrate on completing aa and letting those achievements come naturally. Who would be next to gear out, what instances did I want to complete. That sort of stuff. Ellithia (the mystic) is as geared as she’s going to get except for a few jewelery / ranged item bits. She’s fully mastered, has her mythical, and is wearing T4. There’s not a lot left I can do on her aside from finishing off her aa (she’s got three to go). Then I figure I’ll work on Stargrace, who can use some gear upgrades (she’s wearing a combination of T4 and T1 at the moment, as three T3 patterns sit in my inventory) and could also stand to finish off her aa. Next? I’m not really sure, but I’ve been thinking about my swashbuckler who is on my 2nd account. She has a few pieces of T2, most of her masters, has NOT completed her fabled epic yet, let alone the mythical version. She was working on that before I transferred her from Oasis to Antonia Bayle. Sounds like a good project to me.

I also have a few crafters I’d like to complete, Goudia (the trobuador alchemist) has been 80 for a number of months now and I’ve never completed her crafting epic. No real reason for that aside from the fact that I’ve done it so many times already I just wasn’t in the mood.

So as anyone can see, there are LOTS of things I COULD be doing in game. Now I just need to find the time to do it.

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  1. I hear ya on the time thing. I just find that I don’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want. Would be nice if we didn’t have to work so much I guess :)

    But you’re right, sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from games and computers. I miss being able to get heavily sucked in MMORPGs like I used to but equally I enjoy the balance in my life.

  2. Scott says:

    I even managed to play some Fable 2 on the Xbox

    It was a couple months ago but I saw you and a few other people on my XBL friend list all playing Fable 2. So, I said “hmm, perhaps there’s something to this?” and bought the game that day. Unfortunately, too many other games replaced it (this fall has been crazy with all the excellent AAA games!) but I’ll come back to it. Unless I decide to attempt to dig back into Fallout 3 to see if I can finally finish that, I’ll likely choose Fable 2 as my next single-player RPG once I finish up Dragon Age.

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