Achievements and Good Friends

Some how last night the planets aligned and we had a good number of guild mates on – that pretty much never happens these days. Not only were Wpus, Calreth, and Hamal around but the very elusive Tipa made an appearance!  We met up with a friend who is doing the 14-day trial of EQ2, and headed to Wailing Caves, on a Friday night it was packed (and is a small zone to begin with) so we quickly changed our minds and headed to Blackburrow. I needed the named Champion in the zone for my Shattered Lands achievement, so we spent some time camping the basement waiting for him to spawn.

Since we were already inadvertently working on achievements, I decided to continue along those lines for the remainder of the evening. With the help of Calreth and Hamal I managed to finish off my Ro achievements (and received some very ugly armor in a crate) as well as my Kingdom of Sky achievements (a nicer crate of clothes for those ones). I’m slowly moving up through my final three aa, but it’s pretty slow. I’m looking forward to feeling as though I’ve “completed” a character. Then of course it’s time to move on to the next character.

I also managed to pick up a few books that I didn’t own yet for my player written library. I want to work on my housing some this weekend, I really don’t like the tables I’ve used as “desks” in the upstairs portion, I think I can build or create something better there. We’ll just have to see!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend as always! Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Alik Steel says:

    Three more AA to go, Nicing going. Sounds as if you all had a great night of gaming.

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