A Day Spent Decorating, and Chronomagic Goodies

I absolutely love the little statue replicas of the boss mobs that you can purchase once you’ve completed the daily chronomagic quest. I spent most of yesterday working on my Norrathian museum, I expanded the library so that the shelves are now floor to ceiling, and since SOE gave all homes an extra room in their last big update, I decided to take that and pannel it with wantia, and then add my replicas to that room.

My favorite (so far, since I don’t own them all) is the one pictured above. Well before any of the mobs had that graphic in later expansions, that is the boss from an instance within Fallen Gate. It’s by far the best ‘boss’ graphic I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE fighting this creature. I realize now it shares a graphic with a TSO boss, but the Fallen Gate version is a lot easier (grins).

The chronomagic quest from yesterday also sent Calreth and I off to the Shard of Fear in order to kill Kyr’Tok, who is pictured above on the right. I love how each one of the replicas are so exceptionally detailed, they really did turn out amazing. Maybe it’s silly that I spent an entire day decorating in game instead of raiding or grinding quests, but I still had a blast. The museum is almost at the point now where all I need to do is place artifacts as I obtain them, rather then having to design entire rooms. The basement still needs to be turned into living quarters for Ellithia, but it’s coming along.

As always if you’re interested in checking out the house (and maybe the very expansive player written library I own) please feel free to head to the North Freeport Mage Tower, bottom floor (LoN magical housing) and look for Ellithia on the door. If you’d like to donate to the museum, please just add me to friends and let me know!

As a side note – if anyone out there has a spare griffon tower house item (it came from the live event that took place to build the towers a few years ago) please let me know! I’d be willing to pay 500p+ for one if I could get one. I used to have one but it was sadly lost in transit as I moved servers. Some how I doubt anyone would really be willing to give theirs up, but it’s an important part of Norrathian history that I’d absolutely love to be able to reclaim.

Safe travels, no matter what game you find yourself in!

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  1. Alik Steel says:

    Damn, Your a bad girl!!! You make me want to play EQ2 again.

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