Norrathian Museum Tour (Video)

Alright, my first “real” video is a very quick walk through of my EQ2 Norrathian Museum. I realize the voice doesn’t sync all the way through, since I recorded it live (and it’s not like that on the computer, just youtube) I’m not sure how to fix that. It’s also quiet, so jack up the volume, because I have no idea how to fix that yet. I’m learning!

The museum has been a LONG work in progress, so enjoy.

9 Responses to Norrathian Museum Tour (Video)

  1. Viiral says:

    zomg.. Very nice :D

  2. martin says:

    great house my gf kept saying i want that pity none of it is in lotro :P

  3. Awsome Job, i wish i was on the AB server with you :(

    Keep up the great job


  4. Dorianna says:

    Awesome, you really are the best ! Nicest work i’ve ever seen on housing. Thanks for sharing this video.

  5. kaozz says:

    Lovely video, you did a great job! Glad I’m not the only one spending so much time on my house ;)

  6. Daria says:

    It’s cool to finally see the museum you’ve mentioned numerous times. Really nice.

  7. Pete S says:

    That’s an awesome first video! And holy cow, that’s a personal house, not a guild hall? It’s huge!

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