5th Anniversary Events Now On Live

I wasn’t sure when the quests on the test server would be making their way over to live, but thankfully I didn’t have that long to wait. Yesterday morning a system message went off explaining that they were now on live servers, and that if we wanted to take part we should all head to the cities and find out what was in store for us.

I’ve played EQ2 since beta, and at the time I never had any intentions of leaving behind my game of choice, EQ. The game hooked me right from the start. It took me a week to level to 7, and in those first few months I wandered back and forth from EQ to EQ2. Even years later I still did that. I always still ended up in EQ2 though. It was always ‘home’ in my MMO worlds.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary is a pretty big deal, and I’ve been having a blast with the quests. First of all, be sure to check out your local city merchant, because there are limited edition paintings for sale. These paintings are replicas of the ones entered for a heroes of Norrath contest that was held not too long ago. Sadly, because I’m Canadian I was unable to enter. They’re amazing paintings none the less, there are 9 2nd place winners, and the first place winner (who has had their painting on the merchant for a little while now). They cost a little gold, and some personal status.

Aside from the amazing paintings, there are a few quests also offered with this anniversary. One rewards a replica of the Qeynos Claymore, as well as a 5th anniversary painting. I imagined the Claymore would be table sized, but it’s huge, so make sure you’ll have some floor space in which to display it.

There’s also a quest for some food or drink, and a third for some fireworks. Each one celebrates the birthday of EQ2, and it was just great to see.

I love live events, I really do. Limited time adventures that make the world feel alive. There’s no game out there that does it better then EQ2, either (in my opinion, of course). Make sure you log in and take advantage of all the wonderful goodies while you can!

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  1. Troy Christensen says:

    Hey Thanks for the heads up on the quests for the fifth anniversary. I was afraid I was missing something important — I now know that I am not. I am not in for all the Fru-Fru stuff.

    I am looking forward to the six year reward — I have been told that it will be something really special. I don’t want costumes, paintings, or statues — I don’t want titles or gimmicks. I am hoping that it will be a unique mount, a nice piece of usable equipment, or some unique spell/ability.

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