Favorite EQ2 Features

Syp from Bio Break recently asked for EQ2 players to help him out by naming a few EQ2 features that people felt were ‘better’ then WoW. There were a huge amount of fantastic answers, and I decided I would show people my favorites via video, for a greater understanding of what those features are.

It’s still only my 2nd video where I talk, and I’m still learning, but it didn’t turn out too bad this time around.

Enjoy, and a thanks to Syp for posting his article!

8 Responses to Favorite EQ2 Features

  1. Openedge1 says:

    Hiya…long time, no visit.

    Watching your video gave me a nostalgic feel. I may just have to boot her back up and get back into EQ2 for a while. Guess a month won’t hurt me. I am not in the mood to play much else anyways…

    Thanks for the vid.

  2. stargrace says:

    @Magson – you’re going to have to get used to lots of pronunciation issues, they’re not going to get better, or change, sorry! :) I’m horrible with names and every other form that’s involved.

    @WeFly – It’s easy when I’m talking about something I consider myself an ‘expert’ at, and EQ2 happens to be one of those things *grins* I’ve done quite a few interviews with the EQ2 devs when I was down in San Diego last year, so talking about the game is something I do with a lot of confidence. We’ll see if I can do the same thing with other games (and personally I notice lots of things I need to fix / change!)

    @Mallika – the mount is actually a Legends of Norrath mount, I was lucky enough to open packs and randomly gain it. They’re quite rare, but some times you can get lucky. There are indeed sparkles flying out it’s feet as I run around! I love it, hehe.

    I never bother actually using my mount, which is why it’s not hotkeyed. I run faster on foot. I took it out only for the video. :)

  3. 13 level 80s!? Nice :D

    Great video btw. You sound very confident and experienced, I was very surprised to hear it was only your second talking video! Really enjoyed it :)

  4. Mallika says:

    That mount is quite pretty — are sparkles flying out of its feet while you run around? What mount is it? Is it obtainable for someone new?

  5. Magson says:

    I do as kaozz does with the mount whistle in my hotbar. Very nice video!

    I love the Profit UI. I’ve swapped mine to the black, though. Don’t know why, but the default blue just bugs me for some reason.

    And… this is a silly little thing, but when I heard you say it I kinda went “Oo! Time to unleash my inner pronunciation nazi. . . . ”

    “Genie” = English transliteration of the Arabic “D’jinni.” Ergo…. “D’jinn” is pronounced either “jean” or “jin” — the D is more or less silent ;-)

    Sorry…. couldn’t help myself :-P

  6. kaozz says:

    Nice video! With dismounting however I keep my mount “whistle” on my hotbar. You can click on it to dismount and mount, instead of searching for the buff ;) Works the same in WoW so it’s a habit I use in both games.

  7. Akely says:

    Turned out fine. Pretty good choices. Have not thought about it myself, but Mentoring shure is right up there.

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