Palace of Ferzhul – Video!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get invited to a Palace of Ferzhul run – one of the most difficult TSO instances there is (group instances at least). This zone is used in Chapter 8 for the TSO chapter quests, and drops some incredible loot. I had a blast tagging along even though I was VERY under geared and died 6 times. We went to the instance with one templar, a shadowknight, swashbuckler, ranger, coercer, and myself as the troubador. One healer in that zone is quite a feat. A huge congratulations to Pennie for keeping us (mostly) alive.

My troubador also managed to score two pieces of fabled gear. One was the caster bracelet (has a matching melee one that makes the set quite nice) and a piece of fabled forearms. Not to mention a lot of achievements and aa for entering the zone for the first time. Hopefully everyone else had a good time too, even if I was quite under geared, hehe. Hope everyone enjoys the video! I must say, I am REALLY impressed with the quality of Game Cam. The files are TINY compared to fraps (about 100MB per minute and a half of filming) and the quality is amazing. Only down side is that there are a few games that it doesn’t work with (ie: Vanguard) so I’ll be attempting to get fraps working once more specifically for that purpose. Of course that means messing with the registry files (again) and I’m putting it off for as long as I can.

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  1. Nikadaimon says:


    I was lucky enought to be able to buy the Tank necklace from Varsoon, that was is really awesome.
    I cant wait to run the zone myself sometime (should be very well able to with my pally now..)

  2. Pennie says:

    Thanks for the compliment. It was a lot of fun throwing my normal stuff at the tank and dealing with the little voice at the back of my head going “Keep the troub up! Keep the troub up!” I’m not in that sort of a split-concentration situation that often.

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