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Calreth and I happened to be running through Sinking Sands on our way to an achievement, when we stumbled over someone doing the Rahotep heritage quest. During the final portion you have to spawn the armies of Rahotep himself and then defeat them (and him of course). The heritage quest was a lot of fun back when Desert of Flames was the final expansion, but I haven’t done it since then.

I love exploring in EQ2. These days there’s not a whole lot I haven’t already seen before (and some times, many times before) but it’s always fun and there’s always something to look at. Anyone have some favorite areas that they love to explore? Have a spot that you stumbled onto unaware that it was even there? When DoF first came out I wasn’t too thrilled with the expansion. As later expansions were released, I fell in love with it. In fact I would say it’s my favorite expansion now. My least favorite would have to be Kingdom of Sky. Flying around from island to island as well as having to take a portal up to reach any of the zones just seemed so disjointed to me, and I don’t like how the zones don’t exactly flow from one another.

I’ve been having fun in EQ2, I moved three of my characters over to Lucan D’Lere to be with a group of friends who play there. That does mean that I’m once again playing on three servers (Oasis, Antonia Bayle, Lucan D’Lere) but by now all of my close friends are quite used to me bouncing around and it doesn’t seem to cause any issues. I don’t know how much time I’ll spend on LDL, but it’s a fun (very quite) server to hang out on.

Aside from that, this week is deadlines for work so my time in game is very small compared to normal. This will all fix after the 4th, which I am looking forward to. More later! Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. stargrace says:

    My LDL characters are Stargrace, Satia, and Seduisant – and LDL is very tiny compared to other servers, hehe. Especially compared to AB. When you can do a /who all 80 (insert class here) and get less then 100 it’s small compared to what I’m used to (grins) even on an RP server with people going /anon and /role.

  2. Lucan D’Lere doesn’t seem quiet to me, but then it’s the only server I’ve played on, so I don’t have “big server” experience to compare against.

    Which are your characters on LDL? I have Skrat (defiler) and Sszara (necro), and generally happy to go anywhere if you find yourself in need of extra bodies.

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