An Evening of Fun and Games

I did it. Yesterday thanks to the help of Kanad and Wpus, I managed to reach 200 alternate advancement points on my very first character in EQ2 (Ellithia, the mystic on Antonia Bayle). It was a really great feeling, to know that in February when Sentinel’s Fate comes out I’ll be working on the appropriate aa. When TSO came out I wasn’t even close to the maximum number of aa, so I wasn’t working on those chains until much later. It’s refreshing to be finished (for now).

As my previous post mentioned, that brings into debate who to play next. The one real problem I have with so many level 80 characters, and playing on so many servers. I think I’ve knocked it down to 1 character per server, and then play on whichever server my mood suits. I’m leaning towards the Dirge on Lucan D’Lere (thanks Amnerys for the suggestion), the Troubador on Oasis, and the .. well, undecided on Antonia Bayle. On that server I have the 80 mystic (who I consider completed), 80 templar, 80 illusionist, 80 swashbuckler, 20 shadowknight (quest character), and 1 bruiser. Any suggestions on who I should play? I realize that most people say “play what you like the most” or “play whatever makes you happy” – my problem is that I enjoy all of my characters on pretty much the same level. I love playing them all, if I didn’t I wouldn’t even have the character to begin with.

In lieu of having completed my main goal in game, I decided to log the dirge over on Lucan D’Lere and pick up a new craft for her. She was a provisioner, but my illusionist Seduisant is already one, and I don’t want two. I decided to respec her and took her to West Freeport to speak with the career counselor. I decided to go with a weaponsmith instead, and spent a few hours working my way back up to level 30. I wanted to use up all of that craft vitality before the new 6 year anniversary rewards come into game and I can replenish it.

I also checked in on my Troubador on Oasis, and Paradise Lost happened to be making their way through Miraguls. I’ve only seen the first two named in this zone, being unable to really commit myself to their raid hours, but it was a blast. As luck would have it some troubador bracers dropped and I was able to pick up the pattern (thank you for that, Shadowgeist!) so the little troubador is now sporting her first piece of T4 gear. Pennie (fantastic healer might I add, one of the best out there, after myeslf, of course, teehee) sent me some tells as we calculated how many deaths I had knocked off of my Varsoon run by adding another piece of pretty good gear to the list. I figured one piece only knocks .5 of a death off, three pieces will raise that count by 2-3. We’ll see!

The troubador (and all of my other characters actually) need a LOT of alternate advancement points before Sentinel’s Fate comes out in February, but it gives me something to do, and I’m looking forward to it. Will I manage to get a second character to 200aa? Not sure. It took me so long (in my game hopping ways) to reach 200 on one character. We’ll just have to see!

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, see you in Norrath!

3 Responses to An Evening of Fun and Games

  1. Pennie says:

    I’m with Blackluck. Go different. I’d say SK or troub. SK is very forgiving as a tank class, and troub/dirge is just a fun setup all around.

  2. Blackluck says:

    As mystic is support/healer, I’d go in a different direction for your other 80 to focus on: Swashbuckler from that list :) Less pressure than say the SK – unless you have friends to tank for, then it’s a different story ….

    Good luck with your choice and grats on a complete character ;)

  3. kaozz says:

    Gratz, it’s always nice when you feel like your character is complete in some way.

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