A Little Aion Combat

I’ve been playing Aion for work writing leveling guides (I pay for my own account and don’t get anything press related associated with it, let me just state that here and now), and while it’s not exactly my game of choice, I’ve played worse. The stories are true, it is a grind. It’s a lot of grind. Thankfully, I’ve got a friend playing with me and let me tell you, that makes ALL the difference in the world. I’m actually enjoying myself and having a good time. I can appreciate the graphics because they are absolutely astounding, and I notice the little quirks a lot more because I’m not paying attention to the grind. That’s really key for me, NOT paying attention to the grind.

I love the combat, love the classes, the outfits are exceptionally detailed and you can customize them with dye. Crafting is another grind, harvesting is a grind, but I don’t mind those things. I don’t actually mind the basic grind, either. Maybe I’m used to it from my EQ camping days.

In any case, here’s a small video I took while working my way through level 20. The next guide for Asmodians will be out in Beckett MOG #23, and should be in stores mid-January. In the mean time I’m working on 20-30. If you happen to be playing feel free to drop Ellithia a tell!

3 Responses to A Little Aion Combat

  1. stargrace says:

    Uh good question. It starts with a V? The same one Casualties of War is on. Valiez or something like that?

  2. Lishian says:

    what server are you on?

  3. Dusty says:

    It’s always fun watching other people’s combat.. especially when duoing. Btw, nicely done on playing without the interface. I played Aion until level 16 or so in the Beta, mostly by myself, and yess.. even by level 12 I think you can do just fine without the interface.

    But what I really enjoyed is watching the video and then imagining the dialog that goes along with it.. for instance..

    at 1:15..
    “WAIT! I forgot to loot this one.. BRT!”
    “No worries.. I’m going to go grab another one..”

    and then at 1:36..
    “Oooh.. I’ll pull this one..”
    “Um.. but.. I already tagged this one..”
    “OH! Well then.. we’ll fight them both! *giggle*”

    Good times!


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