T’is The Season For Frostfell

Frostfell is here Frostfell is here! That time of year where eager adventurers dive head first into the special Frostfell instances, flinging snow balls at one another and bumping them along the ice in order to pikc up that ONE LAST SHINY. Then of course are the mountains of presents scattered through the zone that you have to harvest if you want to make the neat house items (like the one pictured here to the left).

I love Frostfell. I don’t enjoy the crowds so I typically end up going when everyone else is at work or sleeping. I love the crafting, adore the quests, and really any zone that has Nathan Ironforge stuck to a frozen pole by the tongue is a win for me.

If you’ve never experienced a Frostfell before, well. Now is the time! Head to Qeynos Harbor or West Freeport and you’ll notice a tree that wasn’t there before. Under that tree you’ll find a quest giver, but more importantly you’ll find a magical closet waiting to take you to the new instance. In that instance you’ll find even more quests, some vendors with goodies, and yet another instance. Bring warm clothes, it’s cold in there!

The quests may be a repeat of last year, but there are some new rewards (and new crafted goods) so be sure to take a look. Of note, the tokens are back from last year that allow you to purchase some really incredible frozen furniture. So if you’re one of those players that like the look of a themed room, you’ll certainly want to stock up.

Personally, I just love watching everyone. It’s great. The event is on for long enough and there are enough instances that you shouldn’t feel rushed to doing it. Don’t forget to visit the daily gift giver and pick up your treats, too! Just watch out for that bag of coal.

2 Responses to T’is The Season For Frostfell

  1. Some of the new crafted items we got for this year are amazing — the “imposing” sconces and the floating candles, yeah! (If you ever visit Skrat’s house in SFP, he has candles everywhere. It is totally a complete fire hazard!)

  2. Akely says:

    Throwing the icy snowballs on people trying to get shinies on the ice is awesome. We perfected it last Frostfell and got lots of laughs out of it. Most people paid back in kind and only a handful got upset. Great fun.

    I remember the gear for sale being outrageously good. I think my 80 still has some. (Yeah, I’m a Shard.hater.)

    I’m really happy Frostfell is back. People generally are nicer this time of year.

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