Book of the Day – The Plea of the Intelligentsia By Arthalion

(( It’s time once more for me to post an EQ2 player written book of the day. I have over 160 books written by 77 different players on the Antonia Bayle server. If you’d like to visit the library in person, you can find it in North Freeport, in the mage tower (bottom floor) under the name of Ellithia. If you’d like to donate a book to the library, please feel free to send me an in game mail! I will send you a blank book and some coin for your time. If you play on another server please feel free to also ask for a blank book and I will add yours to the collection! ))

by Arthalion Gatecaller

When Erud discovered the homeland,
True civilization began!
His knowledge was set in a tome and
Enlightened the brightest of Man.

Our cities were built out of granite,
And marble, and crystal, and glass:
The most glorious sight on the planet
With beauty as never could pass!

Though steadily time’s disc was turning,
Unchanging our palaces stood,
Proclaiming that wisdom and learning
Are the highest of all that is good.

But accursed be the name of the Rending!
Accursed be the Shatt’ring’s renown!
Destruction from Luclin descending
As the civilized world crashes down!
The Stonebrunt is rendered asunder!
The Warrens collapse to the ground!
Toxxulia burns to a cinder!
The sea rises!  Odus is drowned!

O Prexus, could you not defend us?
O Quellious, where is our peace?
Ye gods, only death do you send us!
Will your tyrannous rule never cease?

Yea, dark times befell in those ages,
Such woe ne’er shall fit in a tome!
O miserable plight of those sages:
Live in exile or die at home?

And yet immaterial knowledge
Not even the gods can destroy.
Its might shall our people acknowledge
And its powers and strengths e’er employ.

Our seers and mystics saw visions,
Our scholars, the signs of the time,
And mid all the Shattering’s scissions,
Our devotion to mind proved sublime.

Thus stoically ceding our status,
We sailed Erud’s Crossing once more,
And after eight cent’ries’ hiatus,
Set foot on th’Antonican shore.

And though but a few hundred dozens
Had made it, they lived yet at least,
And learned our Paineelian cousins
Had survived and made port in the East!

So th’Erudites still are divided,
In schism to live evermore;
Yet great is the knowledge confided
To our people, and culture, and lore.

And scholarly knowledge brings wisdom,
And wisdom, perspective and scope,
Perspective shall breed understanding,
And with understanding is hope.

So hearken, ye leaders of nations,
And seek to grow wise in your ways!
That we, through your own educations,
May see peace, by the end of our days…

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