Book of the day – Da True Adventures of Ogur – Vol. 1

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Da True Adventures of Ogur – Vol 1. by Ibeogur

“Shut up!” Ogur screamed. His largs legs pounding the soft forest floor as he ran, leaving dents from the massive weight he carried. He was running as fast as he could, which wasn’t all that fast, but for an ogre he was barreling through the growth. Had his skin not been so thick he would’ve suffered dozens of scratches and scrapes from the foliage.

Another loud cackle, closer this time. Ogur was getting tired from the running. He knew he couldn’t go much farther, and cried out in desperation, “Go ‘way! Me no want yoos anymore!”

The cackle once again shrieked through the otherwise peaceful forest.

Ogur finally stopped running and as he slowed down he heard the little pitter-patter of his pursuer slow as well. As he turned to face this tireless foe, he unsheathed a massive club. “Go ‘way!” Ogur screamed as he swung his mighty club at the skull of Jonaber. The cackling died the second the club struck its target. Jonaber exploded in a spray of bone shards.

Ogur was gleefully clapping his hands and celebrating his victory over the skeleton companion he had accidentally summoned earlier in the day. Somewhat undecided about his choice to become a Shadowknight, he had chosen this path just this morning and now was regretting it. Ogur’s skeleton companion had terrified him and would cackle endlessly to his annoyance.

Bark! Bark!

“Hullo der doggy!” The dog picked up one of the shattered bones from Jonaber and carried it over to Ogur. As he patted the dog through his heavy gloves he could see it had a collar on and words he could not read – not only because it was in another language, but because he was an Ogre.

“Kitty? Come on boy! Where did you run off to?”

The dog bolted up at the sound. Ogur didn’t understand, was the dog named Kitty? Ogur knew what a kitty looked like and he knew what a doggy looked like but he never thought anyone would call a doggy Kitty.

“Hullo der little wuns,” Ogur exclaimed with a big, somewhat toothy grin, as he followed the dog to its owners. Screams could be heard as the 9 foot goliath stepped into the clearing of a group of little Halflings having a picnic.

Ogur convinced the little Halflings that he was kind and gentle by playing fetch with Kitty. They had invited him to join them in their picnic and over the course of the afternoon the Halflings explained that the name Kitty was just a joke. Ogur didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. He was having fun and enjoying his new tiny friends. Time passed and after a while of drinking wine and eating delicious pies and sandwiches, Ogur’s little friends decided they wanted to go swimming in the nearby stream. They pleaded and begged and him to come along, assuring him it would be fun. Ogur gave in, bounding after them to the waters edge, drunk and happily singing nursery rhymes he learned as a child in Oggish.

The Halflings all stripped off their tunics and jerkins and bounded merrily into the stream with Ogur lagging behind, stumbling to take his heavy plate mail armor off. Finally, stripped down to just his skin underwear, he joined them jumping into the stream and causing a massive tidal wave to playfully splash over everyone nearby.

Ogur was tipsy, full-bellied, and happy. With new friends making him forget the scary events of earlier, and a friendly dog named Kitty that loved to play fetch with the broken femur of his old annoying companion, Ogur had not a care in the world.

It was getting late now and the oddball group of five drunken Halflings and a drunken Ogre were getting tired. The sun was waning in the sky, not quite ready to set, as the group slowly sauntered out of the stream to get dressed and head to their own homes. Ogur was struggling to put his boots on when Kitty woke up from under a nearby tree. He’d been napping all afternoon, worn out from fetch with Ogur, as everyone else played in the water. Seeing Ogur, Kitty got excited and bounded towards him. Ogre fell over, startled, but opened his big, meaty hands to catch him, laughing his big hearty bellow of a laugh.

Kitty was not a small dog by any means, but Ogur managed to catch him playfully in just one hand as Kitty pounced. The dog froze, his tail stopped wagging, his tongue stopped panting and drooling. In Ogur’s massive, gentle hand, Kitty convulsed, gave Ogur a very puzzling look, and then exploded. Screams echoed as bits of Kitty splattered the half-dressed crowd of Halflings that no longer wore smiling, happy grins.


Evil beast!

Get away from me!

They screamed and ran; leaving Ogur alone and confused, covered in bits of fur and flesh from Kitty. Ogur was sad; he’d lost all his friends, and Kitty. Kitty was the best out of all of them, he thought. Kitty was friendly and not scared even from the start. His thoughts trailed back to playing fetch with Jonabers’  femur. He sat up suddenly, looking at his bare hands.

Oh nos, dats wut happen!

He’d remembered the last lesson his Shadowknight Master had taught him and warned him about. Deff Touch, Ogur, ez da best ting about us. But da price ez yoo can nebber touch anyting living wit yer bare hands again.

Ogur miss yoos, Kitty. Ogur not mean to explode yoos. Ogur not furget yoos be best frend ‘n Ogur sorry.

Ogur remembered.
He knew now this would be a hard, lonely path.

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