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It’s not often I get some time to play Free Realms, but I do occasionally find myself looking for something very relaxed to play for a few hours, and Free Realms certainly has that covered. They’ve just released a huge update with new pets, new housing, and their winter events so I decided to take a peek around last night with Hampooj (better known as Wpus from EQ2). I really enjoy their ‘spin’ event. When you log in you get to spin a giant wheel and have the chance to win some prizes. I actually managed to win myself a small wooded cottage, and some housing blocks for that cottage. Since I’m a member I also had a little package of furniture waiting for me to claim to put into the house.

It’s not that big, and there’s not many furniture choices (and they’re expensive I found) but hey, it’s housing and it’s pretty neat. Your pets (if you own any) roam around the property, and you can invite your friends over. Plus who doesn’t like decorating.

I like the activities in Free Realms. I hadn’t tried fishing before, so when I checked it out I was surprised that I spent so long doing it. There’s really nothing to it, you cast your rod (hopefully where fish are) and when you get a bite, you mouse click and reel it in. There are collections for different types of fish, and you can catch treasure chests with prizes inside. There were a lot of others hanging around fishing, and the area was bright and colourful with fantastic music, it was just relaxing and fun.

Free Realms is probably the only game I’ve ever played where I have no need or desire for alts. You can do everything you want on one character, no restrictions. Any class, any game, any pet, any adventure. I’ve been an alt-o-holic since the early days of EverQuest, even before that in MUDS I’d have a plethora of alts. Free Realms is the only game I’ve ever played where I haven’t made a single alt, nor do I have any desire to. I LIKE this factor, a lot. It feels great to concentrate on one character.

Before I knew it, two hours had passed by, and it was getting late. I headed to the vault cave to turn in my tokens (and picked up a few more pieces of gear) happy that I had gained a few levels in a few classes. Who says only kids get to play these types of games? I had a blast, and I’m looking forward to finding more time to play. Now I just need to keep leveling up! I think the highest I’ve reached so far is level 9 in a few classes. There’s lots more that I haven’t even tried yet (like archer, and wizard). Looking forward to some nice relaxed gaming!

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  1. kaozz says:

    I loved this update also. It’s really nice, so much neat stuff was added to the game. Gratz on the new cottage, it’s lovely!

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