Exploring the Lone Lands

The Lone Lands recently went through a revamp in the Lord of the Rings Online, and I was pretty excited about it seeing as I was just coming up to that zone. My little Minstrel was sitting at 19, and I had completely forgotten how to play.  Never a better time to start!

By the time all was said and done, I was sitting half way through level 21, and had also picked up new songs and skills, as well as a bunch of new gear. The most exciting part (for me) was that I finally get to make use of my appearance slots. I had saved up my plumed hat from a low level quest specifically for this moment.

My minstrel has been paired up with a guardian for most of her adventures, which has been a pretty good combination. Of course they’ve also made multiple changes to the game as of late, so things are a lot easier then they once were. Thanks to the rest experience we both had saved up the two levels pretty much flew by. On the other hand, there’s also 65 levels in game now, and since we’re only sitting at level 21, it’s still a long way off.

There are Yule Festival events in game right now too, when I logged in I managed to get a title for it, even though we haven’t made our way to the actual events yet. Those will come tomorrow, maybe. I haven’t the faintest idea of what’s actually going on in game, but I’m excited to find out.

I play as Lysthia (though I do have three crafting alts) on the Landroval server – I’m in Casualties of War if you’re looking to say hello. I’ve got a three month subscription as part of the Mirkwood promotion that I picked up, so hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to actually play. So far this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten in LotRO, and I’m excited about leveling up more. Being able to actually use my mount that I have would sure be nice.

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  1. KillTrash says:

    Hey, I just got back to LOTRO too after… a long time! My highest character was a LM level 25. I got her to 32 and also started a Runekeeper alt and I’m enjoying it a lot more I think. Say hello to Aleeni, I’m on Landroval too! ;)

  2. Blue Kae says:

    Grats on breaking 20 and getting your cosmetic slots. That’s one of my favorite features in the game not having my stats-gear tied to my appearance. If you’re confused at all about the Yule Festival, I recommend Goldenstar’s guide over at Casual Stroll to Mordor. http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/2009/12/yule-festival-quest-guide/

    And don’t worry about 65, just enjoy the journey.

  3. Tony says:

    Nice hat! :P

    Hope you keep having fun.

  4. Openedge1 says:

    Looking good. Today is the free return for old subs, so I will be playing later today (hopefully). Also, my son will join me Saturday to trial the game for his first time (under my wifes account, who has specifically called me a traitor for playing, and refuses to log in). I will be interested to see how he feels about LOTRO vs EQ2 vs Conan.


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