Down go Leviathan and Druushk!

Most of yesterday was spent traveling to my parents place, and then traveling home afterward, a good time was had by all. I came back with a loaf of amazing banana bread that I doubt will make it through the rest of today. I spent the remainder of the day doing pretty much nothing, just exploring around EQ2 and then out of luck I remembered I had taken on a project to decorate a friends house (Pennie, from Paradise Lost on Oasis) and me being, well, me. Completely forgot to actually go off and decorate the home!

So I grabbed my little carpenter and set out to do just that. Pennie is a gnome, templar living in Qeynos and so I tried to make his home represent him. Once I get permission I’ll be posting videos of the house (I need to finish two more rooms as well). I’m excited about it. So far it’s turned out pretty well.

Later on in the evening, it was time to buckle down and FINALLY get my troubador her epic weapon. Goudia has always been a fun character of mine to play but since TSO (The Shadow Odyssey) I’ve barely played her. In RoK (Ruins of Kunark) she was my raid main, but I stopped raiding not far after I started. Needless to say, each time someone asks me if I have UT (upbeat tempo, it’s a troubador thing) I cringe a little on the inside. She’s resting at 152aa, not nearly enough to have this skill. Some day though.

Paradise Lost was hosting a Leviathan raid – as well as VP (Veeshan’s Peek) following. These raids are typically run once a month (because the guild no longer has a need to run them) and consists of 1 and a half groups of guild mates, and the rest are pick ups. It can be VERY messy, but it’s also a lot of fun. PL gets a chance to scope out some talent, and people get their updates. The way PL runs it is that they do NOT charge for updates – but when it comes to loot drops, all PL tagged characters get +250 to their roll. What this means is that loot drops, you roll /random 1000 and anyone wearing the PL tag gets +250 added onto that roll. Seems fair, since they’re hosting (and main tanking / healing) the raids.

It still gives a chance for lots of things to go wrong. We ALMOST managed a flawless victory on Leviathan but there was a wizard who had a suicide wish and kept nuking so that of course kept reflecting and they died a few times. Even though we specifically told people to just stand there and look pretty for most of the fight, letting PL take care of everything else.

There were a LOT of people around who wanted to make their way through VP, so I decided to sit out for the run, and just come during my specific fight, which was Druushk. The fight is really nothing special. There’s two rooms, one has four statues, and one has Druushk. Every so often you’ll hear a script emote about the flapping of wings, one of those four statues becomes active and whoever is stationed there must click their statue – a mob will spawn, they have to survive that, then a 2nd tank will pull those mobs over to the raid and the raid will kill them, as you’re also working down Druushk in between pulls. It works out well. We did have a few wipes at the start because some people didn’t know where their statues were, but before too long it was over, and I was sporting my new axe, having visited Barren Sky first of course.

The weapon itself is a huge upgrade over the fabled version, and it grants some very nice stats for players. This makes the third mythical that I’ve completed, I also have the mystic mythical and the illusionists completed. I’m hoping that they’re still used some how in Sentinel’s Fate, because you can’t really get BETTER then a mythical weapon, and I’d hate to see all of the work I did for this go to waste.

For those out there who think you have to join a raid guild in order to get anything done in game – don’t buy into that. It’s simply not true. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or dedicated 12 hours a night to raiding, or anything like that. On every single server out there there is an alternative method for you to get your mythical completed, I guarantee. Some times it takes a little work, and some patience, and yes, some time, but there’s still a way.

Today is the 20th, which means Moonlight enchantments are in game – complete with a few new house item rewards. If you’ve never taken part of them before I highly suggest you take a peek, the achievements for completing them are worth it alone. Speaking of which, I think I’ll grind out some aa in the new Frostfell instances and get some questing done.

See you in Norrath!

5 Responses to Down go Leviathan and Druushk!

  1. tuvogg says:

    Ah right, does that make you a Troubaholic :P

  2. stargrace says:

    The little troub is already wearing T4, I don’t actually play her or raid with her, she’s just an alt, I really prefer my mystic hehe. But I like to gear up who I can. :)

  3. tuvogg says:

    Well done :) Do work on getting your UT, your group will love you for it. Try and get your hands on at least some of the T4 armor. There are a lot of very nice set bonuses such as no concentration needed for Aria of Magic.

    oh and in response to the second comment, all the Mythical weapons look cool imho.

    Troubadour of Validus, Splitpaw

  4. That’s a nice looking axe. When did the weapons in EQ2 get so cool? :)

  5. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    That’s one mean looking rat, and a very cool axe!

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