Kurns Tower and Friends gaining Mythicals

Yesterday in a rare decision I put up my LFG tag (on both the illusionist and mystic) and got about 6 tells within a minute asking for – raids. Not groups. I barely have the patience for a PUG group, let alone a PUG raid, so I politely declined, and waited for a group who was looking for one or the other of my characters instead (and this is where the WoW LFD (looking for dungeon) tool would really come in handy for EQ2).

I still didn’t have too long of a wait, there was a Kurns Tower group heading off and they needed an enchanter, so I relogged to Stargrace and ported myself to the group (thank you 6 year veteran reward). The leader of the group asked me if I was new to the server as they hadn’t seen me around before. I told them I mostly kept to myself but no, I wasn’t new at all.

I play a LOT of support classes (I have 2 80 bards, 3 80 enchanters, and 3 80 healers just as an example) and one of the first things anyone ever asks me or tells me in a group is if I have such and such buff, and could I please put it on them. My group yesterday was not like this – and it was SO refreshing. For once they didn’t insinuate that I didn’t know how to play my class, or care if I had the TSO end line aa. My illusionist does happen to have those buffs and I am pretty good in deciding who should get what, so it was just nice to enter a group and complete a zone without any hassle.

It was a fast run and we managed to get the achievement for completing it in less then an hour which just added to the pleasantness. Nothing of note dropped which sucked (and we had a boxed bard that basically autofollowed and cast buffs and that was it) but it was still one of the best groups I’ve been on pug-wise.

In other fantastic news, Malfi is the proud owner of his mythical weapon as of last night! It is always so awesome to see friends names in the server wide message that goes off each time a mythical is obtained. Congratulations! I’m sure he’ll make great use of it.

Christmas is creeping up VERY soon! I’ll be headed to my parents place for a few days, but I’ll be dragging along the laptop (which has a few of my favorite games on it) so I’ll still be around to bug everyone. Have a fantastic holiday and stay safe!

See you in Norrath!

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  1. Keen says:

    It’s groups like those that make me long for the truly old days. I remember when every group was like that.

    I love the look of your horse btw! :)

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