My First Death Knight Adventures

Alright, I realize that I haven’t written for a few days but it’s been EXCEPTIONALLY busy this year as far as holidays go. Thankfully I have some quiet time now, and I’ll be spending a few days at home. I’ve got other posts scheduled to talk about all of the holiday goodness, and games I enjoyed in 2009 and what not. But for now before my head hits the keyboard I’m going to write about my first experience with the Death Knight in World of Warcraft.

First of all, it was a huge milestone for me to even reach level 55 on my priest main. I’ve had the character for four years now and never managed to actually play the game longer then a month at a time to get anywhere. Then I’d start up again (most of the time with a new alt) and manage to just barely hit 50 and I’d stop playing. Plus, I didn’t own Wrath of the Lich King. Now I do.

After hitting level 55 I of course decided to make a Death knight. It sort of goes hand in hand, especially if you’ve never played one before and this is the furthest you’ve ever gotten in the game. It was awesome, I was happily going along doing the story line, learning things about the lore, and a few new (to me) quests came up that I really liked. Especially the almost-end when I got to ride a huge dragon around and blow things up. That was neat.

Then I got thinking about it.

It wasn’t so neat after all. Here I was, a few hours old, my gear is all blues, I have a mount, lots of bags, flight paths all over the place, and numerous other things that I don’t even have on my main yet. That’s where I started having a problem. My actual main is no where near as good as this level 55 Death knight I just created today. The only thing my main has above and beyond this Death Knight aside from some achievements, is her crafting.

I really wish there had of been an option for those non-DK classes to at least complete the same quests. Not only is my Death Knight pretty well geared – she’s level 58, three levels higher then my main, and it took barely any effort to get there. Of course, I love my priest and I have every intention of going back to her but how do you fight that sort of pull?

It was a very well done script, and I had a lot of fun doing it. The atmosphere was fantastic, the story intense, and the music outstanding. Everything I love about games came through. There were barely any other people around which always makes my leveling easier and now I just wish I could have experienced all of that on my actual character rather then (yet another) alt.

Why not give everyone the choice (once they’ve reached level 55 as that’s the starting level to create a Death Knight) to skip ahead in levels if they want it (and once they’ve reached 55 on one character ‘naturally’) if they’re going to allow one specific class to do it? Why not create (yes, I realize it would take a lot of time and work) a separate story line that some how ties in the Death Knights to ‘everyone else’ and give them the option to help out – gaining levels and equipment that’s just as nice. A choice for players of course.

Anyhow, that’s my rant. Fun, but made me feel like I’d put all that effort into my main for nothing. Hopefully I’ll be back to playing her soon, although I can certainly see why the Death Knights are so awesome.

Happy Gaming!

4 Responses to My First Death Knight Adventures

  1. Thallian says:

    I’ve thought all the same things.. No answer has sufficed my question yet.

  2. Wiqd says:

    Yea, I understand having DKs be the class that started at 55 when WotLK dropped since they were the new “hero” class and whatnot, but now that everything’s settled, the expansion has almost run its course and not much will happen between now and Cataclysm (presumably), I say let whoever has a class at 55 make any other class starting at level 58. Not so sure about the blue gear and how they’d handle it, as I’m sure the designers would have to think up sets for each class to start with since I know they won’t make a specialized area for individual classes or races, but *shrugs*

    WoW is at a point now where the initial content is dull and about to be rewritten even. Give people the chance now to skip over that if they want. Come Cataclysm though, leveling up through the new stuff as a Worgen / Goblin should be interesting since it won’t be anywhere near what we remember it as.

  3. I’d love to see the ability to start alts at higher levels and skip content I’ve done dozens of times before. It would also be great to have their own little contained mini-story to get them started too. I think it’s a shame – and a little unfair – that DKs get to start 55 but no other class can.

  4. Angry Gamer says:

    “Why not give everyone the choice (once they’ve reached level 55 as that’s the starting level to create a Death Knight) to skip ahead in levels if they want it ”

    Well the problem with this is it causes more idiots to have to skip the early level content and not know how to play their class. Deathknights are bad enough already as anyone can get to 55. They are OP in general and a hero class, so it is a perk to be able to play one.

    Priests, Warriors, Mages etc etc are core classes and have to be leveled from 0-80 just like everyone else, and this is a good thing. The game is incredibly easy to level in and it is important that people learn how to play so that I dont have to group with them and wipe constantly at level 80 because they are retards.

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