Crafting and Epic Updates

One of my favorite things to do in any game (when it’s an option at least) is to sit back and relax crafting. There are two games I’ve played that allow me to do this fairly constantly without many interruptions (ie: running out of supplies) one is EQ2 and the other is Vanguard. In most games I have to craft in short spurts, going back for supplies, or it’s so expensive that sitting down for a few hours of crafting isn’t really a good answer.

Why do I enjoy this type of thing? Well I’m not a huge TV watcher (I know, that sounds pretty off topic, but the two are related trust me). It’s background noise during the day, and at night (especially during the spring, winter, and fall months) there’s usually sports on so I’m not watching – what I do like is downloading or streaming particular shows and watching them on my laptop while I craft. That way I feel like I’m at least being a little productive and I don’t have to stare brainlessly at the crafting screen watching each and every little movement.

I really think Vanguard has the right idea with their crafting. You can pick up work orders and complete the entire thing (and get rewards) for no cost aside from fuel. Aion has a similar method, but as you level up you require more and more vendor purchased components (and they get quite expensive). Needless to say, last night I spent almost the entire evening crafting, and watching Legend of the Seeker on the laptop. Finished off episode three (season one, I decided to watch the entire season before moving over to two) and reached level 24 on my alchemist (from one).

I spent some time helping a guild mate out with some epic updates in Karnor’s Castle, which was pretty easy and I’m glad he finished it off. It was nice to be back in EQ2, even if I was just crafting.

I also deleted (I know bad me) one of my level 80 enchanters. Hear me out (I can feel the gasps from here) I had pretty good reasons for it. Number one, while she did have both the coercer and illusionist fabled epics, she had no mythical, and no real important gear. She was a low level crafter with barely any aa, and not many achievements either. The main reason is that I already have two enchanters (she was the third) a better geared illusionist, and a coercer. Both are max level crafters and have a lot more sentimental feeling behind them. I was up to my max (12) characters on my main account, and wanted to have the slot free for an alt should I feel the urge – so that’s what I did.

I know, bad. Oh well!

Have an amazing new years eve everyone, and happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. Chances are I’ll be in game tonight, there’s far too many people headed downtown for the fireworks, so I’m going to stay safe and snug in my apartment and do what I love doing.

2 Responses to Crafting and Epic Updates

  1. Caladwen says:

    Have an awesome new year! *Hugs*

  2. Wiqd says:

    Oh man, yesterday was such an awesome day. Thanks so much for doing KC with me as I don’t think I would have found a group for quite a long time. After you logged out, Wpus and Calreth helped me kill a mob in Neriak, with healing aid from Whyndie and then Calreth and I duo’d Shard of Fear for my updates there. All I have left is VoES and Maiden’s Chamber updates and a final mob to kill in Neriak (again) and I believe I’m done with the fabled epic! :D Again, so many thanks to you and your crew, Star :)

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