New Year, New Festivals

This morning I decided to head to the grass knoll in Kelethin to partake in the new city festival that’s going on. There are two merchants with house items, and a few new clothing items. You’ll need city tokens if you want to pick up most of the house items, but you can also buy some food and drink with coin. I couldn’t help but giggle when I checked the merchant, beaver tails are a very popular item here in Ottawa, a dough concoction flavoured with cinnamon and sugar, and other things like apples and chocolate if you want.

The festivals will rotate in game, and be at a new city each month for a limited time with house items particular to that city. There is also a purple shiny collection for each city, so make sure you get in game and check them out before they vanish!

The shiny collection for Kelethin rewarded a nice mail box for your home, “kelethin style” as they termed it. I’m hoping that not all of the shinies reward mail boxes as I can only really use one of those per house, but we’ll see.

A congratulations to Drahk who managed to not only finish his fabled epic on Thursday, but got his mythical late last night! What a great job. See, who says you need a raid guild in order to get things done. Little Torrent Knights is moving along nicely.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of 2010, and are looking forward to the new year. I’m off to a family get together, but should be back in game for the remainder of the weekend, hehe. Safe travels and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

P.S. SOE you need to add an in game calendar much like the one WoW has. It’s important to keep track of everything from missions, to in game events. I hope others feedback the request and we see something like this in game before too long.

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