The Leveling Game

As always the hardest part for me these days in EQ2 is deciding who to play. I have three characters who are not yet level 80, and a few who are not yet level 80 crafters, so my ‘basic’ goal is to get each of them to 80 before the expansion hits. If I’ll actually manage that I’m not sure, but it would be nice. One thing I’m going to miss a lot is the 50% bonus I currently receive for having max level characters. It’s EQ2 equivalent to allowing people to skip levels I suppose, letting them level faster. It’s nice, but I’d prefer a different method, or removing the current cap of 50% bonus experience (this works for both adventure levels and crafting levels).

Lately I’ve been playing an inquisitor on Oasis, and leveling her up. Yesterday after a quick run through Klak’Anon and Mines of Meldrath she reached level 52, which is impressive for me considering she also just reached four hours played. I hadn’t realized that the difficulty of sinking sands was raised, but that’s where she’ll be off to next, and through Clefts of Rujark and Pillars of Flame to complete the instances in Desert of Flame (my favorite expansion by far). That should take her to 60 easily, where I’ll start on the Kingdom of Sky instances (Nest and Vaults being two of the first ones) and work my way through to the Bonemire instances.

Then comes the ‘long’ part, getting from 70-80 is always a grind and there’s no real way around it. Thankfully, at 75 she can start working on shards, and saving those up for when she hits 80. That’s more then likely what I’ll do, but we’ll just have to see. Whether or not I can get all of that done before February is yet another story, but I like a good challenge and it gives me something to do. I’ve played an inquisitor only for a very short time previously, I betrayed my templar to one. At the time the class wasn’t really for me, but I’m hoping this time around it’s more enjoyable.

I also created a new bruiser on the Antonia Bayle server named Minxes. She started in Gorowyn and is working on quests there (only level 4 so far). The bruiser class is much like my carpenter class – I started about 100 carpenters and finally managed to stick with one until level 80. Typically I changed their class or deleted. I’ve created about 100 bruisers (or brawlers in general) and always seem to level to 50 and then delete. This time around I’m hoping to stick with it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend before heading back to work tomorrow (shudders). The holidays were fantastic, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of 2010 has in store. Happy gaming, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

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  1. Akely says:

    Lately I’ve level new characters to around 15-20, then put the XP/AA slider to 100% AA points. I keep it at 100% AA until AA points is around 40. Then I set the slider to 55/50. Te reason for me wanting AA is that I love to tinker with the character. Perhaps a game with “build your character from scratch” would suit me better… nah!

    Before the slider I used to switch all XP off in order to not to level so damn fast. Felt like I was missing content and greying out Quest lines.

    Coincidentally I’ve also rolled a Bruiser a little while ago. It’s on a new account and it is my first there. First time I rolled a non-plate Fighter, so all new experience for me. I find it is very easy to solo it and usually quite fun.

  2. stargrace says:

    I usually have between 100-120aa – but once I’m 80 I have all the time in the world to get them, so I’m not very concerned about it.

  3. Starke Ravinmad says:

    If I understand you correctly, it took 4 hours to get from 1 to 52 with your inquisitor? That is incredible. That would take me days of game time! You should create a leveling guide, I’m sure a lot of your readers would benefit greatly from your experince. I’ll bet you could even sell it.

  4. Thor says:


    When you level this fast and get to 80 in 4 to 5 of days, how many aa points do you have ?? I find that moving the slide bar over to get more aa points at a low level works out better in the long run .. Of course I do not level very fast but with 65 aa points at level 38 on my Inny I find not to much can stop me : ))

  5. Cayenne says:

    Yeah I have made about a dozen or so assasins and delted them in different stages of leveling them up. I have another one started once again. Maybe this time I will stick with it.

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