Gear and Books Galore

The little troubador managed to get some more T4 gear last night, even though I wasn’t raiding with her (the benefit of being Friends and Family in a raid guild), her hat which as you can see on the right is a fairly nice piece. While gear WILL be getting replaced in February, it’s still important to me to be able to have gear to make it through that content, or at least that’s how I feel.

Yesterday was a quiet day on the gaming front. I spent some time on Antonia Bayle picking up new player written books that I hadn’t already purchased, and adding them to my library. I’m very happy that I’ve broken the 200 book mark, and now I’m sitting on 214 player written books, written by more then 80 different authors. I’m not sure if I’ve got the biggest collection of player written books out there, but I think I’m fairly close. I need to start working on the other half of the library, which is to gather all of the in game books that are out there. That project will probably take forever, but I’m looking forward to it.

Aside from that, things are slow, which is not a bad thing. I’m still just preparing for Sentinel’s Fate in February, and I’m excited about it. In the mean time I’ll continue to work on alts, and play other games here and there.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, I’ll see you in Norrath!

4 Responses to Gear and Books Galore

  1. stargrace says:

    @Jeremy – there are no player written books in Vanguard, and as far as I know no future plans to add them. Housing has sort of taken a back burner for the past few years while they work on other things. =(

  2. Jeremy S. says:

    Do you know if there is player-made books in Vanguard? or plans to implement them?

  3. Grump says:

    Don’t be thinking that gear will be out-dated in Feb! Based on my experience from past expansions, end line raid gear is of the previous tier doesn’t start to see replacement until half way through the current tier. Heck, I didn’t replace my level 70 raid gear until 78, when our guild started raid RoK.

  4. Nikadaimon says:

    grats on the gear! I agree that it is still good to get the good gear/updates right now before the expansion, just so we can progress through the new content better

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