Book of the Day – Darkness Comes by Zanadi

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Darkness Comes – By Zanadi
book 1

The sunset was beautiful this night with the warm reds and oranges. The breeze blew just right stirring the warm air. On a hill sat a young looking woman in a faded blue cotton dress. Her dark brown hair pushed back behind Ayr’dal ears.She was picture perfect, smooth skin just tan enough to proudly show her ruddy red markings. She brushed her hand gently through the lush grass she was sitting in. A warm smile creased her face as a man quietly approached her from behind, settling himself beside her.

“Hello my love.” Her voice was a sweet as honey. She leaned over, resting her head upon him. He grinned back at her, encasing her tiny hand in his.

“What brings you out here dearest? You are a long ways from the wagons.”

“Oh aye but I wanted to see the sunset. Beautiful isn’t it?”

He looked right at her totally ignoring the hues that crested the land. “Yes, she is.”

She looked over at him and her smile grew. There was no place she’d rather be than content within his arms. She always had found it funny how opposite they were. She preferred the night while he preferred the day.

He hated to break the moment but something weighted heavy on his mind. “Maynace, someone came by the house looking for you today.” Gone was the light hearted feel to his words, replaced by something more serious.
“Hrm? I wasn’t expecting anyone. Who was it?”
“It was Tishnar. Nace, the old man isn’t going to give up.”

Her face fell and she sighed. “He means no harm Ryac.”
“That is what you say. You do not see his eyes. The old necromancer wants you for his own. I told him to leave.”
She sat up and turned to look at him. “You didn’t.”
“I did. I’ll not having him bothering you.”

They settled back down together their hands intertwined. It was the perfect moment as the last of the sunset faded. Darkness began to creep over the land. One may have thought it from the absence of the suns but as it creeped over the hill and along the land the cold came with it. As it touched each blade of grass, it wilted. Each flower succumb to the absence of light dropping it’s beautiful petals and dying. The darkness here had a purpose.

Slowly it killed everything in it’s path, creeping along the ground. Maynace and Ryac stood in disbelief as it called out to her.


“She’s not yours necro!” Ryac screamed out to the dark nothing as he grabbed her hand and then they were running. They ran and ran until their lungs burned and Maynace thought she’d collapse. Yet still the darkness followed behind them leaving a trail of death in it’s wake.

They ran for what seemed like hours but in truth was more of mere minutes as the darkness licked at their feet. A branch pulled up before them catching Ryac’s foot. He went down hard with a thump.

“Ryac!” She screamed and grabbed at him, pulling for all she was worth.
“Run Nace! Do not stop!”
“I won’t leave you!”

She looked back at the darkness. It would be on them in seconds. “Never forget I love you Maynace. Never. Live for me.”

She was still holding his hand as the dark nothing creeped up his legs and over his body. It tickled at her fingers as she screamed forcing her to release him. She watched horrified as his body decayed and died before her eyes. He was still calling her name as his jaw fell from his rotting corpse.

“Ryac!”  There was no time to stop to weep and once again she was running. The darkness called out to her again.


“You won’t have me! Never!” She screamed as she ran. A high pitch shrill filled the black of night. The nothing surged forward surrounding her tired worn feet.


But it held her fast in place, tripping her to the ground. She gasped as it first crept over her legs to her hips. Her dress rotted and fell apart. She clawed at the ground to pull herself away, kicking until her legs became dust. Panic screamed in her eyes. Slowly it made it’s way up her body until it consumed her. As it took in her innocence it stops. A saddness replaces the cold and in an instant the darkness is gone.

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